10 MMA Submission Moves You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do [Slideshow]

What are the most effective submission moves? What they can cause? This slide show by Defense Soap tells you all about 10 most effective MMA submission moves ever. Must watch:

Professional MMA fights are not only about having strength, speed and endurance. An athlete should need to know lots more techniques which lead the opponent to a submission, called submission moves. Although submission moves are not as simple as they looks like. It involves lots of skills and strategies. If you masters any one of the submission moves it will definitely make your opponent surrender in one or two rounds. To become an expert in any one of moves that make opponent to tap out, you need an advanced MMA workout routine. Following a right mixed martial arts training which will be able to train you all small and big things you need to know.

At the fight day these submission moves will definitely have an advantage for winning. By knowing these MMA submission moves here you’ll definitely know something that helps you to be successful in is this sport.

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List of Not So Obvious Benefits of​ Playing Your Favorite Sports During Your Adult Years

Some adults are early bloomers who know the benefits of sports as have more raw athletic talent. Sports typically help adults academically and socially as well. Sports help develop teamwork and leadership skills. Adults learn that they have to work together as a team to win the game.

For more no so obvious benefits of different sports in adults view this infographic by SportsManagementDegree:

Benefits of sports

Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. Moreover, team sports are smart for learning responsibility, dedication, and leadership traits.

Here Are Few More Benefits Of Playing Sports In Adults:

  • Sports offer many health benefits, some less obvious.
  • Sports teach teamwork and help achieve goals.
  • Regular exercise makes muscles strong, that will help in sports activities.
  • Physical activities are a good way to relieve stress and reduce depression.

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Quick Treadmill Workout Routine To Get You Started Everyday

Everyone is aware of that treadmill helps to run or walk within whereas staying in one place. However hardly anyone knows besides running we are able to do numerous exercises with this.

How to get best out of your treadmill workout! This video by Rachel Doell will help you to set the treadmill workout routine.

Those days are gone when people needed to go out for running to be fit. It wasn’t always possible to run outside in extreme climatic conditions like rain and snow. Today with the treadmills, we can workout anytime anywhere. Treadmills undoubtedly help us to shed weightless or body shaping. Besides we can set an advanced strength training routine and speed training routine with treadmills.

So, you can also enjoy all the desired benefits with following a daily treadmill workout routine. Share your experiences with us below in the comments section. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Hate The Gym? Try These Smarter MMA Workouts With NO Equipment

It is not important that every MMA athlete needs to spend their most of the time in gym. When it comes about MMA workout routine,they are very determined towards their workout routines. Athlete needs to design a workout program which is safe because health and safety plays important role in any sport.

Want to learn how MMA workout routine is managed without using equipment! Here is a video by fightTIPS that will help you to do so:

The right format of MMA or boxing workout routine is 3 minutes of round 30 seconds rest in between 45 rounds. 30 seconds of shadow boxing and 180 jump squats back to shadow boxing again and finish with matrix push ups will help to increase the performance and stamina of an athlete. MMA and boxing is all about kicks and punches. So for that you need to spend 45 seconds on roundhouse kick and 30 seconds on straight and reverse punches.

Creativity is essential when it comes to upholding enthusiasm in workout routine. Think outside the box, look around for inspiration and get it going. Share your progress, tips and suggestions with us.

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Here Are Some ​Reasons Students Quit A Team Sport ​Around The World

Team sports help in building relationships, building confidence, relive stress, reduce depression, help to achieve your goals and list goes on. Studies from past few years says a higher percentage of students quite team sports every year. Which is shocking!

Have a gander on one such statics by ESPN that showing reasons given by students on giving up team sports:

Student quit sports

Most parents and coaches are concerned about how to engage students in sports so they won’t give up. One of the reasons students quit team sports is unawareness of its benefits. Another reason for that is willingness of students to pick studies instead of sports because they think it’s just waste of time.

Students choose to quit instead on carrying on because they don’t have any interest in sports or having fear of getting injured during play. We need to spread the awareness of benefits of sports in health, fitness, self growth and career among parents and students. Moreover, we need to understand why kids quit sports and fix it.

So if you see a student thinking of quitting a sport next time, it’s the perfect time to speak up.

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