Let’s Talk About 30 Min High Intensity Training Exercise For Athletes Fitness

High intensity training exercise is the No.1 fitness trend in athletes nowadays. What makes the training method so popular is the efficiency of the fat burning workouts. These workouts only require few minutes to complete. Mixing cardio and strength training at high intensity gives you the ultimate full body workout.

Here is 30 minute high intensity training exercise fitness by hasfit that will help for athletes fitness:

High intensity training is a workout style that comprised a short work periods followed by short rest periods. By using this you’re going to burn most of the calories in the shortest amount of time.

Perform the warmup then start the workout. Do this workout in three rounds for a total of 30 minutes, including work and recovery.

This workout will help to gain speed and increase agility so you can quickly improve athletic performance.

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4 Weeks Plan To Help You Achieve The 500 Bodyweight Workout Challenge – [Infographic]

You don’t need a gym membership to sculpt a lean and sexy body. In fact, you don’t even need any equipment. There are few workouts that can help you to achieve your body weight goals.

Here is an info-graphic by Neublau that tells you how you can achieve the 500 body weight workout challenge in 4 weeks:

Bodyweight Challenge

When it comes to burning more calories and preserving lean muscle mass, interval training is king. But pay close attention to your work to rest ratio, especially for fat loss. For body weight workout, you need to challenge your cardio, increase your mobility, shape your core, and develop your strength.

500 bodyweight workout challenge for 4 weeks includes:

  • Fast mountain climbers x50
  • Jump squats x50
  • Pusp ups x50
  • Cossacks x50
  • Slow mountain climbers x50
  • Y squarts x50
  • Burpees x50

Take your time, progress slowly and enjoy the workout.

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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Mixed Martial Arts That’ll Make You Swoon

Martial arts training can do much more than just helping you learn to defend yourself. It helps to develop all the aspects of health and fitness, makes you mentally stronger and teaches the moral values.

How martial arts benefit our over all health? Here’s the guide to tell you some unknown benefits of MMA. Check out.

We know that being healthy entails getting good sleep, maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in an active lifestyle. But in today’s busy lives, it’s not possible to take sufficient time for everything which leads to good health. Mixed martial art is the only training program which provides you to gain physical and mantle qualities. No one can deny the MMA benefits like improved endurance and strength benefits for women as well as men.

Getting trained with mixed martial arts will definitely helps you both insides and outside the ring. To reap martial art benefits switch to mixed martial art program today.

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Here’s What It Actually Takes To Do Best MMA Knockout Power Workout

Prime asset of any successful MMA athlete is the ability to knock out the opponents. A knockout power workout in MMA is nothing but a total body workout. You need to sculpt your arms, legs, abdominal and gluts with best conditioning workouts.

Looking for the exercises to increase the strength and power of your punches! This video by HASfit will guide you to design best power workout routine:

MMA is a sport where superior athletic skills can get you pretty far. The only things that can keep you into the game is strength and skills. If you will have required skill set  and strong punches, no one can stop you to reach the zenith.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your endurance improves and your body changes after doing these power workout. 

So, start working out with this from now.

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How Martial Arts For Kids Is Simply A Cool and Healthy Choice- An Infographic

Martial arts is one of the best technique of training your mind, body and spirit to act as one. Martial arts practitioners attempt for harmony, but also learn effective and infrequently devastating protection techniques. Kids who get involved in martial arts reap many benefits in several areas of life.

Defensesoap describes the 30 benefits of martial arts for kids, that will help them to learn things in different manner:

Martial Arts For Kids

A sport like martial art helps in building relationships, building confidence, relieve stress, reduce depression and help to achieve goals. Martial arts build the ability to defend yourself, which is very important among kids. It will also help mental focus in your kid with enhancing ability to concentrate on tasks.

There are many more benefits of sports that will help your kid to learn things in better way.

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