Make Sure You Don’t Make These 5 Double Leg Takedown Move Mistakes: Video

Double leg takedown is probably the most utilized and high percentage takedown in MMA. Not just MMA, but also in many others like freestyle wrestling, BJJ, grappling etc. It is vital for an MMA fighter to know it well, but unfortunately, many fighters make mistakes when executing it which is demonstrated in this video by MMA Coach.

The double leg takedown offsets your opponents balance so that you can lift or slam them onto the ground. It is completed by lowering your level, stepping towards your opponent, grabbing them tightly around both legs, while keeping your chest and head up, and driving them up and over onto their back. Bad posture, shooting in from too far, planting the lead knee, searching for the legs with arms, not committing to the takedown or not running through your opponent are some of the common mistakes fighters make while executing a double leg takedown. So when starting your
first MMA training
make sure you don’t make these mistakes in this move!

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UFC 209: Current Champion V/s Five-time Kickboxing World Champion

Woodley, who has won four of his past five fights and is the UFC current champion, faced Thompson, who has won seven straight fights, on the main card in UFC 205. They fought to a majority draw at UFC 205. The pair in the rematch will look for a clear result at UFC 209, on March 4 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Thompson openly campaigned for a rematch, but Woodley didn’t immediately agree to a second meeting, but instead was considering potential match-ups.

UFC Current Champion

Explosiveness, speed, power, wrestling, pressure and technique are known skills of Tyron Woodley. On the other hand Stephen Thompson is famous for his striking and conditioning. Train like a champion and gain competitive skills. This rematch is being considered as the main event at UFC 209. Image by MMAFighting captures the aggressiveness of both the fighters. Let’s see whether Woodley would be able to retain his UFC current champion title after this bout.

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The Answer To Your Need For A Perfect Diet For Bodybuilding: Infographic

If you are working on bodybuilding you probably know that working out isn’t enough. Just pump the weights, if only it was that simple. Bodybuilding diet is necessary. Nutrition plays a huge role in recovery and growth. Without both you won’t put muscle on. Eating like a bodybuilder will help you build muscle and lose excess weight if you combine bodybuilding diet with the right workout routine. Basically, eat a diet high in protein and fiber, and low in carbohydrates and fat. This diet also involves eating a lot more often-eat six times a day. Fat intake should be less than 30% of daily calories.

In this infographic by mutant nutrition, proper percentage of nutrients in a well balanced diet are mentioned.

Perfect bodybuilding diet

You need a goal-specific bodybuilding diet to get results. Follow the basic pillars to build your diet: stay hydrated, limit processed foods, eat frequently and include strategic carbs and lean protein. Avoid the typical muscle building diet mistakes people tend to make. Bulk up!

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Don’t Let The Winter Blues Affect Your Daily Fitness Routine! [Infographic]

Winter isn’t just cold weather, it’s a new season! Embrace the time of the year by building new fitness goals, and getting your body ready for the spring season! Winters keeps soft spots under wraps, as you wear layers of baggy clothing. This infographic by MiramontLifestyle describes the typical winter fitness breaks people take.

Workout fitness routine

Winter triggers cravings for sweet carbs because diminished sunlight during the season makes serotonin in the brain less active and triggers the release of melatonin. Don’t let the temperature drop discourage you from getting outside and getting active and fit. If you dress properly in layers and take care to protect your hands, feet, and ears you can actually look forward to a good winter fitness routine. Calories burn out faster in the same time in a winter workout. So get started with a good workout routine and beat that bulge which can spoil your summer mood!

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5 Worst Mistakes While Blocking A Jab In Boxing: Video

The most important punch in boxing is the jab. It can decide your fate in the ring. It can punch, push, distract, create openings, or even defend you against your opponent’s deadliest punches with relatively less energy! It is considered as the boxer’s most important weapon for a simple reason- It is effective. The three most important factors of jab in boxing are proper form, use as an offense tool, and use as defense. Mistakes in jab can be clearly analyzed by your opponent. Learn how to avoid common jab mistakes and deliver your best jab in this video by fightTIPS.

Jab may not end a fight, but can set up your moves. It keeps your opponent busy and forces them to play defense versus thinking about their own offense. It can even help you win by point decisions rather than by knockout. So increase your punching power to keep your opponent away from you and wear him down gradually.

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