Defense Soap Now Available in Australia at the MMA Factory

Defense Soap welcomes The MMA Factory in Sydney Australia as our newest distributor.  The first shipment left the US today and on its way down under.  Despite high shipping charges the MMA Factory stepped up and added Defense Soap to its extensive list of MMA products they provide to fighters in that region of the world.

The review process was extensive.  But in the end, theMMA Factory quality control people agreed Defense Soap’s natural ingredients and superior infection fighting properties far outweighed the negative qualities of chemical treatments.

To all our mates down under… fight hard and keep it clean.

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Defense Soap is proud to announce their partnership with, where any $100.00 purchase of Defense Soap products gets you Disc #1 in the soon-to-be-released ‘1001 Submissions’ series, absolutely FREE!

This explosive series, starring UFC veteran Din Thomas, is due to hit the market in the fall, but Disc #1 will be shipped in July for this promotion. Orders over $100 at will qualify for the Free DVD, starting today!

Here is the breakdown for Disc #1 in the series:
DVD DISC #1 (5 volumes)
VOLUME 1: 1001 Submissions intro
VOLUME 2: Standing control & flow
10 points of control with examples of standing control combos.
VOLUME 3: Ground control & Flow
The 20 standard ground positions with fine points on holding each position and how to flow from position
to position.
VOLUME 4: Introduction to Submissions
The 12 standard submissions and the fine points/concepts of making them work from anywhere.
VOLUME 5: Submission setups
Common setups for the 12 standard submissions.

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screenshot-2, the worlds largest repository of MMA instructional DVD’s and Books and Defense Soap, Advanced Skin Protection for the Combat Athlete, will be entering into a promotional deal that promises to be the ultimate educational package for MMA competitors worldwide.

Their first promotion together will involve 1001 Submissions – The DVDs.  This will be the fight industry’s largest instructional DVD set, by a large margin— an unprecedented 40+ volumes of submissions, from everywhere. No cheesy finger locks or oil checks here; the world’s elite grapplers & MMA fighters use these submissions.

The host of 1001 Submissions – The DVDs is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt & UFC veteran, Din Thomas. Din has beaten the best in the world and he’ll show you the secrets to bring your submission game up to a level you’ve never imagined.

These DVD’s are currently in production and will be available in July. If you’re interested in signing up for a complimentary DISC 1 of the series visit or for more information.

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Essential Oils Combat MRSA Bacteria

Essential oils usually used for thousands of years have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria causing increasing numbers of deaths in hospitals round the world.

Researchers at the University of Manchester say they have identified three essential oils that killed MRSA and E. coli as well as many other bacteria and fungi within just two minutes of contact.

Two of the oils used were Melaleuca alternifolia and geranium. (The study abstract mentions patchouli, tea tree (melaleuca), geranium, and lavender essential oils, plus grapefruit seed extract, but does not specify if patchouli or lavender is the third oil).

Defense Soap contains pharmaceutical grade Essential Oils help combat athletes maintain healthy lives, general
well being and safe competition in athletic environments. Our products are useful to and for men, women, children, athletes, the household, offices, restaurants, nursing homes, and spas. Many many health practitioners endorse the use of natural remedies over chemical treatments.

Defense Soap annually sells over 50,000 bars of soap to wrestlers and MMA athletes, and is one of only a few companies in the world
that infuse soap pure A-grade pharceutical grade essential oils.

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