5 Most Common Muscle Building Diet Mistakes Athletes Make

Athletes work really hard in a gym to build their muscle, but how many of them are training and eating correctly as per their requirements? Unfortunately, many athletes aren’t educated on proper diet and nutrition. We all know that diet and training makes an athlete perfect. To have a muscular body athletes need to consume the right muscle building foods.

So, what are the most common mistakes that athletes make with their muscle building programs? Here is the video by Six Pack Shortcuts & Abs After 40 that will removes your doubts, if any:

Not eating enough calories is probably one of the biggest mistakes an athlete can make when it comes to building muscle. If you are not taking enough calories then you’re not going to have the extra building chunks you need to get more weight. Apart from calories, protein is another mistake that athletes make. To gain muscle, an athlete needs to add an appropriate amount of protein in his diet plan. Doing so will ensure right muscle building procedure.

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10 MMA Submission Moves You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do [Slideshow]

What are the most effective submission moves? What they can cause? This slide show by Defense Soap tells you all about 10 most effective MMA submission moves ever. Must watch:

Professional MMA fights are not only about having strength, speed and endurance. An athlete needs to know one more technique to lead the opponent to give up, called submission move. Although submission moves are not as simple as they look like. It involves lots of skills and strategies. If you master any one of the submission moves you can make your opponent surrender in one or two rounds. To become an expert in any one of the moves that make opponent to tap out, you need an advanced MMA workout routine. Therefore, following a right mixed martial arts training is a must.

At the fight day these submission moves will definitely have an advantage for winning.

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How Can Wrestlers Make Their Knuckles Strong?

Having strong knuckle is must for combat athletes. Knuckle is the force applied with hands to pull on or suspend from objects by athletes. Boxer and MMA players are the prefect to get in fighting shape for wrestlers.

But the question arises that how to make knuckle stronger? From this video, fightTIPS tells you that how to make knuckle stronger:

To make knuckle stronger athletes requires a different type of training rather than muscular training. There are huge advantages for athletes to build knuckle stronger. A strong knuckle can make all the difference between winning and losing a match.

Here are different ways to make your knuckle stronger:

  1. Rice digging.
  2. Wall punching.
  3. Pushups using fists and figures.
  4. Hand grip exercise.
  5. Thin gloves on heavy bags.

By including these things in your workout plan you can also build your grip stronger.

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Core Strengthening Workout Plan for Mixed Martial Arts

In combat sports, everything comes from the core. Every punch, kick, takedown, submission attempt, every movement that generates power starts from the core. If it is your weak link, you are screwed. Most of the people have a very limited knowledge of core exercises, with the average gym goer usually opting for a few sets of sit-ups or crunches at the end of their workout. But for developing the core, one needs to be trained with an advanced workout routine.

What are the best exercises to strengthen core! This video by Funk Roberts will help you to set a core strengthening workout plan. Must Watch:

In a sport like MMA, core development is an essential physical attribute. But strengthening core is not a one day task. It needs regular training with an appropriate core workout plan. By training with this core workout plan, you can also reap the benefits of having a strong core to face any opponent.

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Quick Treadmill Workout Routine To Get You Started Everyday

Everyone is aware of that treadmill helps to run or walk within whereas staying in one place. However hardly anyone knows besides running we are able to do numerous exercises with this.

How to get best out of your treadmill workout! This video by Rachel Doell will help you to set the treadmill workout routine.

Those days are gone when people needed to go out for running to be fit. It wasn’t always possible to run outside in extreme climatic conditions like rain and snow. Today with the treadmills, we can workout anytime anywhere. Treadmills undoubtedly help us to shed weightless or body shaping. Besides we can set an advanced strength training routine and speed training routine with treadmills.

So, you can also enjoy all the desired benefits with following a daily treadmill workout routine. Share your experiences with us below in the comments section. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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