Let’s Talk About 30 Min High Intensity Training Exercise For Athletes Fitness

High intensity training exercise is the No.1 fitness trend in athletes nowadays. What makes the training method so popular is the efficiency of the fat burning workouts. These workouts only require few minutes to complete. Mixing cardio and strength training at high intensity gives you the ultimate full body workout.

Here is 30 minute high intensity training exercise fitness by hasfit that will help for athletes fitness:

High intensity training is a workout style that comprised a short work periods followed by short rest periods. By using this you’re going to burn most of the calories in the shortest amount of time.

Perform the warmup then start the workout. Do this workout in three rounds for a total of 30 minutes, including work and recovery.

This workout will help to gain speed and increase agility so you can quickly improve athletic performance.

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MMA Fighter’s Workout For Gaining Size And Moving Up in Weight

It is very important for a MMA fighter to be strong enough to dominate the opponent. It can only be done with powerful punches and kicks. To stay on the floor for 5 to 8 minutes and be able to resist opponent’s power, you need to follow right workout routine.

One of the tricky parts in MMA is putting on weight, while getting a good fighter’s exercise in. Here is a video by fightTIPS with a full MMA workout that athletes can do when hitting up the gym, and for good reason.

It requires lots of physical exertion and workout for MMA fighter to build a body. There are many techniques and exercise which are helpful for a MMA player. Important is to follow an advance mixed martial arts workout routine which is safe.

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Check Out This Badass Beginners Mixed Martial Arts Workout To Try At Home

Today, breaking into the competitive MMA circuit is a major goal for many beginners. To be able to train without getting a broken nose or getting hit in the eye is very important. Good news is , you can start training workout at your home.

Here we have an awesome VIDEO  by FatLossMotivatoors which demonstrates the correct stance and two basic but most effective strikes – the jab and cross.

Learn how to get started with mixed martial arts, the most common mistakes to avoid and how to develop maximum speed and power to knock your opponent out with this video. You need to understand that training routine for MMA athletes doesn’t require any running or aerobic work. To be a successful MMA fighter, you need to have lean and athletic physique with right strength training routine.

MMA training is based on science, but it is also an art. In the end there are no right or wrong answers. Whatever works is what works, and sometimes it is not what read or watch on internet.

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4 Weeks Plan To Help You Achieve The 500 Bodyweight Workout Challenge – [Infographic]

Who says you need to go to the gym regularly in order to stay in shape? Well, on the contrary, you can still look amazing with greater fitness levels without relying on any gym equipment. The 500 bodyweight workout challenge is undeniably a revolutionary way of burning body fat by employing a combination of multi-muscle exercises. These exercises will do a fabulous job in burning calories and fat, in addition to keeping your metabolism increased for hours after the exercises.

So How Does this 500 Bodyweight Workout Challenge Look? 

Firstly, you need to understand that a 500 bodyweight workout challenge is intense and requires a trainer to be lean, fit and an advanced level exerciser. Preferably, a trainer should be able to perform at least 15 or more pull-ups easily, without any troubles.

If you find yourself a little less prepared for this challenge, then you can try different bodyweight programs such as bodyweight 100. Then, but slowly, go to a more advanced level of 200, 350, before finally reaching to 500.

Ok, now read further if you know for sure that you are ready (mentally and physically) to start a 500 bodyweight workout challenge.

Remember this challenge is performed by relying only on bodyweight exercises, which means you won’t have to rely on weights or equipments, and this is why it is even more challenging in nature. For instance, in this challenge, exercises such as squats, lunges, and pushups are involved, which can all be performed without even going to the gym.

Here is an info-graphic by Neublau that tells you how you can achieve the 500 body weight workout challenge in 4 weeks:

Bodyweight Challenge

When it comes to burning more calories and preserving lean muscle mass, interval training is king. But pay close attention to your work to rest ratio, especially for fat loss. For body weight workout, you need to challenge your cardio, increase your mobility, shape your core, and develop your strength.

Below mentioned is a series of 5 amazingly powerful and high intensity exercises that you can do almost anywhere.

1 Fast Mountain Climbers
Mountain climber exercise is known to be an excellent form of calisthenic exercise that does a fantastic job in improving a trainer’s balance, agility and overall coordination. This particular exercise helps in improving cardio fitness by increasing blood circulation and flexibility of muscles.

Try to complete 50 reps for each leg. If you are new to this challenge, go slow and easy with your reps.

2 Jump Squats
Jump Squats play a pivotal role in perfectly shaping thighs, legs and hips. As a matter of fact, jump squats are more effective in burning calories at a faster rate. Besides, they also are of enormous help in improving leg strength as they aid in stabilizing the muscles, which in return brings better balance and better stability.

It is recommended to complete 50 reps in total.

3 Push Ups
You will be doing a huge favour to your body and mind by completing at least 25 reps in total. Pushups aid in increasing endurance and functional strength, in addition to enhancing cardiovascular system. Additionally, it also improves the posture as pushups help in strengthening and fine tuning those muscles that are responsible for maintaining good posture.

It is recommended to complete 50 reps in total.

4 Forward Lunges
Forward lunges target the glutes and quadriceps along with attacking the hamstrings and calves. As per the American Council on Exercise, lunges are in fact one of the most effective lower-body exercises. They help in losing excess fat from your lower body along with firming up and toning tush and legs.

You should complete 25 reps each side.

5 Burpees

You may find doing burpees a bit hard when you do them, but it’s worth the hard work. They are indeed one of the most efficient and functional exercises that you can perform in your 500 bodyweight workout challenge. Burpees, unlike other exercises, do not work in isolation, which means with burpees you will be working with pretty much all muscles in your body. They will augment your endurance, help in weight loss, and make your muscles stronger.

It is recommended to complete 50 reps in total.

A Quick Wrap!

As you can read, most of these exercises require you to complete 50 reps in total, which may sound intimidating, especially if you are not used to doing high intensity trainings. Remember to take it slow and build up gradually.

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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Mixed Martial Arts That’ll Make You Swoon

Martial arts training can do much more than just helping you learn to defend yourself. It helps to develop all the aspects of health and fitness, makes you mentally stronger and teaches the moral values.

How martial arts benefit our over all health? Here’s the guide to tell you some unknown benefits of MMA. Check out.

We know that being healthy entails getting good sleep, maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in an active lifestyle. But in today’s busy lives, it’s not possible to take sufficient time for everything which leads to good health. Mixed martial art is the only training program which provides you to gain physical and mantle qualities. No one can deny the MMA benefits like improved endurance and strength benefits for women as well as men.

Getting trained with mixed martial arts will definitely helps you both insides and outside the ring. To reap martial art benefits switch to mixed martial art program today.

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