30 Minutes Of Exercise A Day Can Make Big Changes On Your Health – Infographic

Regular exercises are a key to happier, healthier and a long life. Daily physical activities can easily de-stress our stressed mind. Most of the people think that wellness is something that they can’t achieve. They need to know that wellness is nothing but just a daily 30 minutes of exercise. Anyone can achieve wellness without spending hours at gym.

To know how 30 minutes of exercise can change your life, here’s an infographic by TribeSports :

30 Minutes Of Exercise

No one can achieve wellness only by wishing, making excuses or deeming themselves unworthy. You have to build your endurance to achieve your wellness.

If you want it, then you have to earn it.

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How to Destroy Your Opponent’s Legs Using Low Kicks In MMA Fight

Legs strike is a game changer in mixed martial arts and you can’t be on top without implementing kicking into your battle. Many puzzles can be sorted by using low kicks in MMA. Legs are the base of a fighter, by using kicks you can destroy the base and everything will fall automatically in your favor.

Ever wondered how a kick can help you to knockdown your opponent! Here’s a video by fightTIPS, where you can learn to kick with extreme power and break your opponent’s base:

Low kick is the best independent way in MMA. It requires energy and should be used with care. This tool can make the opponent to give up in the ground as well in the ring.

Fold that knee back and kick towards your opponent. Fight over!

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How Mixed Martial Arts Plays An Important Role In Our Daily Lives?

It’s very important for everyone to take part in a sport. Fitness and health benefits of combat sports like MMA, wrestling, boxing, brajilian jiu-jitsu can’t be denied. It can be difficult to get motivated to join mixed martial arts but once you get on the mats you can’t stop loving it.

Check out this infographic by SandovalKarate where you will surely get to know why you should start training in MMA:

benefits of mixed martial arts
Mixed martial arts not only teaches us to defend ourselves, it teaches us about what you can accomplish through perseverance, focus and strength. The main reason that attracts most of aspiring athletes towards MMA is that it’s fantastically fun.

Believe it or not, MMA is best of all.

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Wrestlers Who Moved To Mixed Martial Arts Ring From Mat- An Infographic

Few years back, people used to argue on who is the best among a wrestler or MMA fighter? Few still do. There are many famous wrestlers who made their transition to the ring of Mixed Martial Arts. As MMA takes the lead from all over the world, so powerful MMA submission moves are tempting wrestlers to join this game. The idea of a wrestler being a MMA champion has always been appreciated.

Check out the infographic by World Wide Support Supply naming some great Olympic and professional wrestlers who decided to take their athletic powers into MMA:

Wrestlers From The Mat To The Ring

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Martial Arts Endurance Exercises That Will Make Your Training So Much Better

MMA training is tough, but it is worth doing. Here, athletes need to prepare themselves mentally and physically. Endurance exercises for fighters body require tremendous amount of power, speed and explosiveness.

This video by fightTIPS is talking about martial arts endurance exercises to be a fighter:

A successful fighter can build strength, improve core stability and develop speed. There are no short cuts for mma strength training exercise. It is an overall physical fitness to get the best performance out of you. Strength training exercise includes running and cardio exercise.

It’s the right equivalent for pro mma athletes to prepare for battles in the UFC.

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