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Six pack abs doesn’t require any gym or any equipment. It’s only a minor setback when it comes to carving out a six-pack at home. It requires a mix of 80% diet and 20% exercise.

Are You On Track To Getting A Six-Pack Without Using Any Equipment? If not, then here is the answer by evolvemma:

Getting Six Pack
It’s important to follow the right training protocol to burn calories, tone your abdominal muscles and increase your metabolic rate. Getting a perfect set of six pack abs is an ideal aim for anyone. There are different rules to get six pack abs, because there are no short cuts for it. It requires a strict diet with maintaining a healthy lifestyle over several months.

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Here’s How To Progress Your Way To A Perfect Push Up Routine

Push ups-help you to build muscles. Perfect push ups target your chest, shoulders, triceps, legs and no muscle goes untouched. They are good indicator of gaining muscles and strength. It increases MMA fighter’s flexibility as well as improves overall body muscles.

If you are a newbie and can’t bust out perfect push ups, we have an impressive video by Here Peter Carvell showing you how to do the push-up correctly once and for all with perfect form and technique:

First step toward fitness starts with the push ups. Push ups are the ideal movement for beginners as well as for experienced fighters. By skipping push ups you might be cheating yourself.

So, why to waste your time anymore, go and hit these push ups A.S.A.P to get impressive body.

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20 Lessons to Learn From The Great MUHAMMAD ALI! – Slide

Muhammad Ali is the greatest heavyweight championship boxer of all time. He was the first boxer to win the heavyweight championship three times. He dedicated his whole life to boxing.

In this slide DefenseSoap sharing 20 success lessons by Muhammad Ali that will help you in your life:

In his career, he won 56 fights and lost only 5 fights. He was someone who learnt from his failures. And he has some very famous quotes as well, one of them is:

“We Have One Life; It Soon Will Be Past; What We Do For God Is All That Will Last.”

He worked hard to reach the number #1 position is boxing. He is still inspiring millions of combat sports athletes in this world.

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Build Your Endurance: Run Farther, Faster, More Easily – Sport Science: Running

Building endurance is not only the central focus of many training, workout plans, it is a process that has many benefits to our body. So it is important to understand and apply the science of building endurance. We can design our program that will optimize our progress.

Here is a video by TSN Tube, tells how you can build your endurance by using sports science:

It also improves our cardiovascular system and increase our muscles ability to use oxygen to create energy. Beside this it is also important to choose right shoes for any exercise to get the most out of a physical activity. Exercise shoes must be stiffer and more flexible for exercise. Endurance training increases your ability to resist and recover.

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How To Identify Your Opponent’s Next Move In Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is a sport which requires attention. It’s all about your feet and hands, that’s needs to be very fast when you are fighting. Many fighters can’t identify the opponent’s next move in the fight. It can be because of reason like lack of confidence, not focus or having any other stress.

Here is a video by ExpertBoxing teaching you how to identify the next move of the opponent in mixed martial arts:

When you are in the ring, at that time you need to just concentrate on your fight. In mixed martial arts if you want to win the game, you need to identify the opponent’s next move. It is important to understand sports psychology of the opponent.

How you get a control over your opponent in MMA? Let us know in the comments.

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