5 Crazy Martial Arts Myths Everyone Really Needs To Stop Believing – Video

There are a lot of myths to mislead you in the world of martial arts. Most of these misconceptions are because of profit oriented movies. The only way to save the originality of martial arts is to fight the lies and making people aware of the reality.

Given video episode of WatchMojo’s martial arts myths will explore the hard hitting questions like; is there a death blow? Can martial arts masters take on groups of opponents? Will hitting the nose bone into the brain kill someone? How strong are black belts? Did Shaolin Monks invent martial arts? and many more!

Don’t let these myths undermine this dynamic and spectacular sport. We suggest everyone to speak about it with people around you. Please feel free to ask your questions related to martial arts myths in the comments section.

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Australian UFC Welterweight Fighter Kyle Noke Announces Retirement From Mixed Martial Arts

After a disappointing loss at UFC Fight Night 101 in Melbourne to Omari Akhmedov, 33-fight Kyle Noke announces his retirement on November 27, 2016.

He made the announcement on twitter:


Noke retired with a professional MMA record of 22-10-1, and a record of 6-6 in the UFC. Noke also spoke about his decision after the event, here is what he said:

“I did kinda have it in my head before the fight, which isn’t probably the best thing going into the fight,” Noke said. “But the fight just proved it to me. I’m just not as fast as I used to be. Not as good.

“I had a great time in the sport, but it’s time to do something else now.”

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World’s 10 Most Brutal High Intensity MMA Fighting Techniques And Effective Training Methods-Video

Mixed Martial Arts, A term quite well known in the sports world recent years. Most MMA fans are not aware of the effective training methods of actual fighters and only watch MMA casually. They suppose to get through the brutal Fighting techniques and training methods in MMA.

This video by “The Richest“will outline world’s 10 most brutal fighting techniques to be used in high level MMA fights and will also explain what makes these techniques so effective.

The MMA style of striking an opponent is the outcome of a fighter’s effective training methods. Usually such skills are used by the fighter in top position to strike the bottom fighter. While this statement is generally correct but MMA fighting rules and strategy truly justify the skills which top fighters call their elite methods. So, its worth knowing the fighting techniques and training methods that makes MMA very much effective.

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The Finest Martial Art To Opt For Justifying Perfect MMA Ratio – Video

Martial Arts is an eclectically new revolution and is repeatedly evolving day by day with the best and defined ways. Earlier BJJ used to be the first and foremost option to go with. but now MMA has exclusively featured itself with best martial arts sports background and a perfect MMA sports ratio.

Everyone must think of being dominant over their opponent if they are into a sport or game and MMA brings you with a variety of martial arts. so, go through this video by “Fight TIPS” and help yourself attaining the best martial arts.

However, the MMA is changing drastically with the best martial arts varieties and its specific discipline. A good MMA is always taught about the trending martial arts styles with immense disciplinary concepts that centers around an unbeatable ground fighting and winning too. Remember, while you choose a particular martial art for yourself, justifying MMA ratio has to be there.

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Complete Manual For Fight Ending Elbow Strike MMA Submission Holds – Video

After a number of years, MMA has just shortlisted itself in the most liked sports of the world. It seems interesting watching two people trying to compete with one another’s physical power. For most people who take it seriously, elbow strikes mean a lot in terms of powerful MMA submission holds and it is much more about strength and potent.

A fight ending elbow strike executed by a fighter brings the opponent straight down. This phenomenal video by “Fight TIPS” completely guides you with the ultimate fight ending elbow strikes.

A great potential is required for particular MMA submission holds when the attacker frequently hits with his elbow and makes the opponent severe to injury and unconsciousness. The competitor situates himself with a perfect strength training routine so that he may attain the motion of an axe for hitting the opponent hard.

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