10 Worst Broken Noses in Mixed Martial Arts- Video

Mixed Martial Arts is undeniably a brutal sport. We’ve seen many of them over the years in MMA, with the broken nose mma injuries.There are few that can endure such a shocking broken nose mma injury and continue to victory. With symptoms that include severe headaches, swollen eyes, very few warriors even make it past the strike that breaks the bone. Fighters exit with bruises, fractures and breaks, all for the sake of pay cheques and bloodthirsty crowds in attendance.

In the above video, Top Fights is showing 10 worst broken noses in MMA. There are many injuries that are commonly associated with MMA fighters, but few are more painful to watch. If you are squeamish, this list is probably not for you, as we count down the worst broken noses in MMA history.

Over the years, this has led to several particularly gruesome shocking MMA injuries, such as visually alarming nose breaks. Some of you may remember these broken noses, ones like Brandon Vera’s pummeling at the hands of Thiago Silva. Quite often a mixed martial arts fight looks more like the scene of a murder, and more often than not it’s a good old-fashioned punch that does the job

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