Rampant Causes For Widespread Yeast Skin Infection – SlideShow

Our body, usually owns a wide range of germs, comprising bacteria and fungi. Some are useful, produce no harm or benefit, whereas some leads to hazardous infections. Candida is the foremost cause for severe yeast infection on skin, leading to athlete’s foot, vaginal thrush, oral thrush etc. There are some yeasts that normally live on the skin without causing any harm.

First of all we need to know, what are the causes that leads to skin yeast infections? This slide by “Defense Soap” will surely help you to analyse:

This infection is fairly common, captivating almost any part of our body’s skin, but infection over the private parts is usually critical and individuals with weakened immune system may develop with serious internal infections . Yeast infection on skin, causes rashes in middle of the body under the arms, under breasts etc. and can be contagious if not evaluated thoroughly.

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