Eating Disorders: Overall Positive And Risky Factors That Are Prevalent In Athletes – [Infographic]

Disordered eating and eating disorders in athletes are observed commonly nowadays, with many core features of illness, which specifically annoy athletic arena. Almost every sport demands a well-toned body and this leads to common risk factors creating a breeding environment for such disorders.

A sports perception lays emphasis over concise body size and shape for optimalperformance which leads to eating disorders. The below infographic by “Paradigm Malibu” will specify you with all the risky and positive factors about eating disorders.

Eating Disorders in Athletes

The deficiency of nutrition emerging from disordered eating crop up the loss of several successive periods leading to calcium deficiency, putting the athlete into an alarming danger of bone fractures. The increased concern for workouts to get in fighting shape contributes to the enhanced risk of disordered eating in athletes. Eating disorders in athletes are a medical concern and create severe life-threatening health problems.

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