Best Mobility and Flexibility Exercises To Train Your Feet For BJJ

Everyone knows how important is strong feet for an athlete. But if you are preparing for a sport like Bjj or brazilian jiu jistu, it is essential to have strength and flexibility in your feet and ankle joint.

What to do for feet flexibility? How you can make feet more strong? This video will help you to get the answers:

A successful BJJ practitioner needs a solid base while standing and kneeling. It can be only possible when you have strong and flexible feet. Without a solid base, you getting swept, taken down, or submitted will be easy for your opponent to accomplish.

To obtain a greater level of feet mobility and flexibility, BJJ strength training routines are best to follow. Moreover, a strong base will also help you to avoid common sports injuries.

If you want a successful career in BJJ, do not ignore your feet and ankles in your training programs. CHEERS

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