Wanna Learn How To Hit Boxing Counter Punch Like Conor Mcgregor?

Conor McGregor is not fighting in the main event. He’s not even on the main card. But he has been on just about every hardcore MMA fan’s radar. After an electrifying UFC debut, he preceded by a pair of remarkable regional fight titles which resulted in a pair of championship belts in two different divisions. He gained the attention of the MMA world and generated a veritable aura of hype in the process.

In today’s video MMACoach going to show that how you can learn to hit boxing counterpunch just like Conor McGregor:

The underlying principle behind his counterpunching is distance management. Take a look at the four ways he uses in his fight and that makes Conor McGregor MMA champion:

1. Fade and counter.
2. Slip and counter.
3. Skip back, forward and counter.
4. Counter while moving backward.

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