The Best Way To Hit Peak Fitness Hours Faster Than Ever – Infographic

Peak fitness represents a comprehensive exercise program that provides superior benefits to typical cardio training. It is called peak fitness because if you graph your heart rate, you will see that it peaks many times during the workout.

What a typical peak fitness routine looks like? Is it beneficial? Get your answers with this info-graphic by Mercola:

peak fitness hours

Strong people have held the world aloft. Weak people don’t get stories written about them. That’s why it’s always important to stay fit and strong. A Peak Fitness hour help you to make your strength training and everything else work like a charm, and effectively burns off calories and also improves athlete’s fitness. It works because it engages your fast and super-fast twitch muscle fibers, which promotes human growth hormone, a synergistic, foundational biochemical underpinning.

So, everyone can use these workouts as a guide and don’t be afraid to modify the workout or switch to a different level to fit your needs.

It’s time to get started!

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