Tips About Selecting Correct Athletic Shoes [Infographic]

Choosing well-fitting shoes can serve the athlete to get the most out of the physical activity. It is equally important to select the comfortable shoe sizing and shape that holds strong potential for both practice expansion and injury prevention. The wrong fit can have drastic consequences on athlete feet due to uncomfortable pressure that leads to corns, bruised toes, stress fractures, bunions and many more.

UPMC Sports Medicine share some goals for shoe fits based on common athletic activities in the infographic below.

Selecting Correct Athletic ShoesHere are few tips to match the shoe to your activity:

  • Have both feet measured every time you purchase a pair of shoes.
  • Make sure the shoe fits your foot comfortably. Toenail infection among athletes is common by wearing pointy and cramped shoes.
  • The shoe should also have enough depth to fit your toes, especially if you have hammertoes that prevents calluses or sores.
  • Walking shoes should provide flexibility, good cushioning and stability.
  • Running shoes are designed for linear activity. They must be light in weight and deliver maximum cushioning.
  • Hiking shoes feature waterproof lining, protection from the environment, durability and thicker soles.
  • Tennis, basketball and other court sport entail a lot of forefoot dragging. So such court shoes feature extra thickness in the toe area.


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