Difference Between Self-Defense And Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts and self defense both the aspects have fighting as an integral part and most people considered mma as self-defense. Although both are a lot similar but MMA is not self-defense.

How’s martial art different from self-defense? This video by Nick Drosss will help you to differentiate between MMA and self-defense.

Self defensive combat is missing several things that are found in mma. Being able to defend yourself is a very small aspect of mixed martial arts. To get into the mm you need to follow a proper mma training routine without skipping a day but it’s not necessary to do in self-defense.

In self defense, you can practice everything against danger, but in mma there are some protocols and you have to consider them while fighting. The best self defense training is to teach you how to defend yourself against danger but in mma you need to know offense as well as defense.

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