Here’s An Insanely Easy Workout To Shadowbox For Boxing And MMA – Video

What is shadow boxing? An exercise, the act of punching into the air without an opponent. It’s not just punching by yourself. It is to create an equipment-less exercise routine.It is when a boxer hops around himself and throw punches in the air. This popular and useful shadow boxing workout for every boxer and MMA improves their fighting abilities, endurance, strength and speed.

Eager to learn the real shadow box workout? This video by “fightTips” will help you to improve your boxing technique, punching power, offence and defense, footwork etc.

You can practice anything without hesitating but shadow boxing workout is something worth practicing due to its freestyle nature and ease. The only thing to keep in mind is to work potentially over the boxing footwork drills as this will be increasing the intensity of this workout. All you need is complete focus and willpower.

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