The 10 Outstanding MMA Specialists In History Known For Their Remarkable Submissions – [Infographic]

Mixed martial art is one of the most rapidly growing combat sports. The main reason behind MMA fighters success is specialization in the submission move and how they perform during the fight.

Have you ever wondered who are the specialists in MMA history and what were their famous submission moves? Well, this infographic by Defense Soap tells us about the 10 most outstanding specialists in mixed martial arts history. Have a look:

Specialists In MMA History

Do we know MMA is all about good grip strength? Fighters who are specialists in their submission moves are considered as more dangerous and unpredictable than the ones who perform knockouts. Best MMA athletes use the correct technique at the correct time. Submission holders can attack you when you think you can put them down in the ring anytime. They can even make strong opponents cry with their chokes and locks.

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