Stuffs You Probably Didn’t Know About Showers – An Infographic

Shower after the workout can offer benefits that include enhanced recovery and immunity, reduced stress and even weight loss. Bathing lowers tension on overstretched muscles. It helps to heal sore muscles by relaxing them and improves flexibility of muscles, specifically when you bathe after exercising. Bathing before going to sleep has been proven to induce sleep.

Enjoy shower of facts on bathing in the infographic mentioned below by DiVapor:

Stuffs About Showers

When it comes to creating a rich lather, natural shower gel tend to maintain cleanliness and good personal hygiene. Washing-away or rinsing-off shower gels works better and easier than soaps. This means taking lesser time in the bath and still appearing more fragrant and refreshed.

If you think the way men and women shower is same, you are probably wrong. Have a look on the comparison:

  • On average, men shower only two minutes less than women.
  • While women use shower time to contemplate chores, problems and weight, men spend their shower time thinking about work and day dreams.
  • Only 28 percent of men “escape” to the shower, 29 percent of women without children and 50 percent of mothers.
  • Women prefer more powerful pressure shower as compared to men.
  • Men have personally carried out shower repairs themselves.

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