What is Staph Infection : An Infographic Guide For Athletes

Combat athletes are probably one of the easiest people to get a staph infection. The close contact, cuts, sweating and gym are perfect venue for staph bacteria to survive. Painful red bumps, spreading, boil are the signs of staph infection. Although MRSA is resistant to traditional antibiotics, it can be treated naturally with tea tree oil.

What is staph infection? How does it happen? What causes it? Here is an infographic by Defense Soap that answer’s your all questions:

staph infection

Staph is a common bacterium found on the skin of healthy people, if staph gets into the body it can cause infections such as boils or pimples. The staph infection can actually move into your blood stream which will potentially infect your lungs, bones, joints, heart and nervous system.

In order to prevent it, our recommendation for athletes would be to regularly take showers, practice proper hygiene and eat healthy.

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