The Best Way Of Wrapping Hands For Boxing Making Your Fist Stronger – Video

Before you put on the boxing gloves wrapping hands with a thin cloth bandage is compulsory. The handwrap fix up all your muscle joints to make your hand shock proof of the punches you deliver. The wrapping should be done correctly as wrapping hands for boxing is something that provides stability and intensity to the hand and wrist.

You can even suffer a fracture if wrapping is not done properly. This video by “expertboxing” will help you learn, how to wrap your hands for increased punching power and prevent injury.

It’s very easy for small joints to collapse if wrapping is not done the way it has to be. Even if everything is going smooth, still wrapping hands for boxing is a must as it provides you a good grip strength and support for your wrists and knuckles. So, save your hands for life after boxing!

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