Things Athletes Should Do To Deal With Excessive Sweating

Athletes sweat more because they need to and it is completely healthy and good for them. Sweating is a normal condition to control inner body temperature. Sweating can lead to skin infections, rashes and bumps in sport persons. Athletes must try to maintain proper hygiene. If excessive sweating still persists, do visit doctor and seek medical treatment.

Bye-Bye Excessive Sweating share a bigger picture on sweat in the info-graphic above.

sweating and athletesSweating during workout in gym or a competition is natural but if there is no valid reason behind excessive sweating you need to pay attention. Follow these tips to control unnecessary sweating:

  • Don’t forget to bath everyday.
  • Start using tea tree oil anti- bacterial soap, which will help in avoiding skin troubles.
  • Do wear cotton shirts and linen, and avoid wearing tight clothes, especially made of synthetic fibres.
  • If you have sweaty and smelly feet, wear cotton sock and change them on a daily basis.
  • Wash your feet with strong anti fungal soap and change your shoes on a daily basis and allow them to dry.
  • An antiperspriant containing aluminium chloride is the best solution to get rid of over sweating.

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