How to Ensure Health of Your Personal Care Products – An Infographic

Although your skin is capable of all the functions, making efforts for protection and preventing skin infections are mandatory for everyone. If not cared, it can become dry and rough, produce wrinkles, or become susceptible to certain deadly skin problems. To achieve a healthy life and good looks, you end up using many personal care products. There are actually several chemicals-based personal care products that are safe for your body, but some chemicals are very powerful. If they’re used routinely, they have the ability to affect the skin in many unpleasant ways.

Are your personal care products really safe? For guidance on ensuring safety of your personal care products take a look at this infographic from Mercola.

Your Personal Care Products - An Infographic

Most personal care products contain toxic chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and triclosan in antibacterial soap – chemicals linked to hormonal imbalance, toxicities and even cancer. You’ll probably be more shocked to know that the US Food and Drug Administration does not need companies to test their personal care products for safety.

Take Care of Your Skin Health!

Remember: just because the products are sold in supermarkets doesn’t make them safe for use. Identify hidden dangers in personal care products – their sources, potential health line and composition. Also, read the list of ingredients on your personal care products.

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