Role of Skin Hygiene in Wrestling

Our skin acts as first line of defence against many skin maladies. Following proper skin care advices is the most important way to prevent the existence of skin infections in wrestling.

Skin Hygiene and Infection Prevention:
Infections resulted from lack of skin hygiene can establish further health difficulties, they can also influence an athlete’s performance. Preventing skin infection is much easier than treating them. A stable effort must be made by coaches, parents and people from wrestling community to raise awareness about skin hygiene specifically among teen wrestlers.

Skin Hygiene is A Continuous Task:
Wrestlers must follow these skin care advices on daily basis:

  • Wash hands after getting in contact with other athletes.
  • Bath regularly using natural defense body shower gel.
  • Remove underarm and leg hair regularly.
  • Taking care of nails and feet is essential.
  • Wear dry during and after competitions.
  • Keep skin dry and clean.

Choosing right shower product is equally important to keep wrestlers safe and healthy. Watch video given below to find a product that’s right for you.

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