What Makes a Good BJJ Soap?

In a perfect BJJ training world no one would get skin infections.

Unfortunately, that’s never going to be the case.

If there’s one thing that should be true it’s that after every great roll session should comes a great shower. For some, the experience of washing your body can be particularly spiritual, very relaxing and even healing. For others a shower after isn’t even a thought. Those usually are the training partners we avoid to work with. When it’s your nose that tells you who to avoid, you know something is wrong

What is that smell? And why do I have to avoid training with it? That smell is from an odor causing bacteria. But odor isn’t the worst of it. Dangerous skin infections common in BJJ like MRSA, staph A, acne, ringworm, jock itch, and athlete’s foot also live on dirty skin, GI’s and equipment can be prevented with proper BJJ hygiene. Usually you’re not the only person who is training, sweating and rolling around on the mat. Whatever you bring with you goes home with the other training partners whether they like it or not.

As you move through the training environment your Gi, your belt, and your skin are accumulating all the particles and microorganisms that others bring to the academy from their lives —and share it on the mat with their training partners.
Jiu Jitsu is about defending yourself

What Makes a Good BJJ Soap

Jiu Jitsu academies are naturally a breeding ground for bacteria fungus and viruses because of their warm humid climate and close quarters training. Proper hygiene is one of the smartest ways to defend yourself. It’s important for Jiu-Jitsu athletes to follow good hygiene practices to your training partners and your academy. Learning and sharing little tips, like keeping your finger and toenails closely trimmed, and to never shower before a training session because it can strip your skins healthy bacteria from fighting infections, can and will greatly reduce the chances of an infection spreading through your academy. Often people ask themselves what is the best soap to use after training BJJ. I’m here to tell you its Defense Soap.

  • Questions to Ask When Choosing The Right BJJ Soap
    When an educated consumer is comparing products they might purchase they compare different qualities to decide which is the better value and the best quality for their dollar. What are the main ingredients? How was it made? How long does it last? Does it have a soft or hard texture? What is the lather like? Does it contain fragrances or chemicals? Are all good questions to ask yourself before purchasing.
  • Making Sense of The Ingredients on The Package
    Smart consumers know to check out the ingredients in the products before they buy them. Not so many people know ingredients are listed in descending order according to its predominance. Which means the ingredients that hold the most weight are at the top. A lot of products contain fancy names for different types of chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives mixed in so they can market the product as being antibacterial. Some of these ingredients are alcohol and triclosan. Defense Soap packs a full 2% of essential oils (1% Tea Tree Oil 1% Eucalyptus Oil) into every bar of soap and leaves out all the unnecessary chemicals and fragrances.
  • Fragrance vs Fragrance Free
    Fragrances can smell great but they are often artificial and leave a residue on your skin. Essentially it’s never really washing off properly which is why you’re able to smell that particular fragrance. Choosing a soap with fragrances in your post BJJ hygiene regimen inhibits your skins natural immune system from fighting bacteria. It also takes up valuable space in the bar itself that can rather be used for a more effective ingredient. Some have skin that are sensitive to soaps with fragrances and have to seek fragrance free soaps to suit there needs. Fragrance free soaps are great for sensitive skin. Defense Soap is fragrance free and has a natural fresh smell of tea tree and eucalyptus.
  • Hard vs Soft
    It’s a little known fact that soft soaps don’t last as long as hard soaps. Surely most of us had the experience of taking a shower and reaching into your soap dish only to pull out a goopy pile of mush. This has to do with the process in which the soap is made. To create a hard soap it needs to be triple milled which is where the soap is pressed between two flat steel rollers, you guessed it, three times. This process squeezes out any excess moisture and effectively distributes the ingredients consistently through the bar.
  • Multipurpose vs Specialization
    Does your soap protect you against fungal, viral, and bacterial skin infection? Ringworm, herpes simplex, and MRSA respectively. Some products are strictly antibacterial or fungicidal and only specialize in targeting one type of pathogen your exposed to when training BJJ. The labeling or ingredients section is where you’ll find the answer. Essential Oils are known for there multiple healing and cleansing benefits. They are powerful enough to help with all fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. Most products that include chemicals often are only targeting bacteria. It’s also smart not to use these products because they destroy ALL bacteria and as we all know we have healthy good bacteria living in harmony with our body we need to take care of. Skin infections are among the highest causes for injury in athletes who grapple. Broken bones and Strains and sprains are the highest then you guessed it. Skin infections. They are definitely worst than breaks and strains for sure because they’re contagious and we carry them and some of us don’t show symptoms. This is because of a healthy immune response on the cellular level of your skin. It’s when there’s deficiency in your immune system that you are more likely to get skin infections, like those that suffer with Psoriasis.
  • Lather and Rinseability
    Our soaps lather is soft and rich. It’s important to have an effective lather because the lather is the delivery system for the powerful ingredients to reach your skin. A rich lather means strong cleaning capabilities. But the cleaning doesn’t stop there. A good soap should rinse off completely. We call this quality rinse-ability. All soaps with fragrances leave behind a residue, which can be harmful to your natural skin flora. For this reason we leave fragrances out. In exchange we add more of our powerful natural ingredients. Our soap has a pleasant natural aroma from our Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil. We’re proud to offer soaps with complete rinse-ability that leaves no residues behind. The result is a truly clean feeling.

Definitely some good qualities an aspiring BJJ artist would look for when selecting the right soap.

In the end

When it all comes down to it I would make sure my soap answers all of the questions above. If my choice came down to two similar products but one company had test done to show its effectiveness and one didn’t. I would trust the brand that provided the clinical studies to its customers regarding its safety and effectiveness hands down. Not many companies do this. Defense Soap does. Major hygiene manufacturers that mass produced cheap soap and its imitations, known as “beauty cream bars ” loaded them with chemicals with no absolutely no studies done on the long term effects on human health. After decades of being viciously marketed to the masses these products containing the harmful chemicals are being found to have severe immune and hormonal effects. Choose the soap that’s natural and honest like greatest BJJ athletes are.

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