Embarrassing Wrestling Skin Infections and How to Solve Them

Wrestling is a sport for people of dedication, motivation and has a high level of tactile sensitivity. With every move and every throw arrives the risk of obtaining wrestling skin infections. Some common types of wrestling skin infections include impetigo, herpes simplex, staph infection, and ring worm. Contagious ringworm skin infection can develop in different areas of the body, including the feet , the groin (jock itch), face or trunk (ring worm), the scalp, and in the nail beds. Staph infection spread through skin contact but can also be transmitted through sharing sports equipment during practice.

Early prevention and diagnosis is very important. One of the most prime thing for athletes is to manage personal hygiene. Wrestlers are encouraged to shower immediately after every practice or competition. When showering, it is essential to buy natural antibacterial soap which aids in removing any unwanted bacteria and infections during skin to skin contact.

Take a look at ten tips to prevent athletic skin infections in the slide show  below:

Another important skin prevention technique is to clean and disinfect all wrestling mats as well as equipment, including clothing and towels after every use. It is vital that weight rooms, wrestling rooms, and athletic training rooms be sanitized if there is any suspicion of staph infection to prevent further spread. Impetigo is extremely contagious bacterial infection which can spread through broken skin such as cuts and scraps. Athletes should also be discouraged from sharing shoes, unwashed towels and uniforms. Preventing skin infections from occurring is easier to deal than it is to contract and then treat them.

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