Era of Youth Wrestling

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Wrestling is a professionally entertaining sport. Youth wrestling is gaining popularity with each passing day. Beach wrestling, arm wrestling, freestyle wrestling, collegiate wrestling are some common types of wrestling. It has given birth to legendary wrestlers.

History of Wrestling
Evidences show youth wrestling has deep roots in Greece, was played 15,000 years ago. The ancient Romans adopted the sport with much enthusiasm, but devised rules to eliminate most of the brutality. New York City hosted the first national organized wrestling tournament.

Wrestling Benefits
The youth of this generation is inclined towards wrestling. It is leaving a greater impact on their mind and they are interested to make their future in wrestling. Wrestling is important to develop basic athletic skills. It develops physique and mental toughness. Wrestling is such an amazing sport that provides youth an opportunity to learn things and develop strong mind and bodies.

Hygiene Importance for Wrestlers
It’s not easy to be a wrestler as it requires a lot of stamina and strength. It is then common that youth wrestlers are prone to skin infections as they have to deal with sweat. Herpes, ringworms are the most common skin infections, which affect wrestlers. Youth wrestlers need to practice hygiene habits such as: never share towels, equipment, etc. One of the things to remember is proper hygiene for wrestlers: never share towels, equipments, uniforms and use antifungal soap, which will help them to lead healthy lives and excel in the game.

Youth wrestling makes wrestlers strong enough to deal challenges and overcome them. It teaches hard work and personal accountability.

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Defend Yourself from Skin Infections

Combat athletes of all ages are at potential risk for promoting skin diseases. These sports involve direct contact among players, which lead their bodies to fight a war against skin infections every day when they step into the game.

Most of the skin infections develop either from direct or indirect contact with infected object, but never spread through the air. Direct contact with an infected individual has always been the major cause for such skin troubles. Indirect is when a healthy person touch infected items like clothes, mats, dressings, sports gears or equipments.

It is now possible to have a control and reduce the potential possibilities of getting or spreading the infection. Your best defense against skin pathogens is “Personal Hygiene” and nothing can do it better than Defense Soap.

Its natural ingredients are capable of doing miracle against microbes. An athlete must take shower with Defense Soap after athletic activity, workout or practice. Other than that hands should be cleaned using this soap and warm water throughout the day.

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Know What Works Best For Ringworm

DefenseSoap Skincare

DefenseSoap Skincare
Out of all distressing skin conditions that wrestlers face, preventing ringworm is immensely challenging. The fungi that cause ringworm are very contagious in nature, which makes this skin problem to spread from person to person. You can only ward off these fungal infections with healthy hygienic behaviors.

There is no specific place where one might get infected. Ringworm passes on through direct skin contact with an infected person. Most of the time public pool and locker rooms expose you to the infective fungi. Additionally, those who often share items that get in touch with skin like soap, towel, clothes with other people have a danger of developing the infection.

We always choose a soap that clean, moisturize and nourish the skin. Hand washing and taking regular shower is not enough, be sure to treat your skin every time with an anti­fungal soap. There are many bath soaps available for you but what could be better than a soap with tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. These two natural components are well known for beating skin microorganisms.

Next time you buy a soap for yourself, do not forget to ask yourself, “Is it capable of preventing such skin infirmity!”.

Remember whatever you use on your skin makes a lot of difference.

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The Complete Guide On Athlete Skin Care – [Infographic]

In sports such as wrestling skin infections are very prevalent. Few factors that most likely to cause skin infections among athletes from different sports are close skin-to-skin association, contaminated gears and surfaces, cramped living conditions and most importantly poor hygiene.

When it comes to prevention of skin infection “Awareness is Key”. Athletes and trainers need to be educated about their important part in reducing the spread of highly infectious diseases like mrsa, herpes and impetigo. Essential prevention tips are following good hygiene practices, having apparels and gear washed regularly and avoiding sharing of towels, athletic gear, soaps, razors, hair combs. It is equally significant to perform daily surveillance and report all abrasions, wounds, cuts, and skin change to the coach.

Here Defense Soap presents to you – “Guide On Skin Infections Among Athletes – An Infographic”

Guide On Skin Infections Among Athletes

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