10 Most Fundamental Organic Skincare Tips For Athletes – Slideshow

Athletes are more focused towards building muscles, meeting goals, crossing finish lines and winning the game. All the physical activities they do to achieve their goals hits their bodies hard that causes aching muscles to skin infections to dehydration. Athletes need special skincare too, and may need to take care of their skin a bit differently than others. Using products with no organic ingredients is a big no-no. It can be harsh on the skin, resulting in clogged pores.

Wondering where to start! Below is a slideshow with all great advices for athlete’s skincare, watch it to know how you can keep your skin healthy:

Germs and bacteria are everywhere, avoid sharing gym equipments or mats, unless you clean them with some anti-bacterial cleaning agent. These are some common hygiene mistakes that lead to skin bacteria, athletes feet or, even to some other worst skin infections.

Remember, secret to healthy life is simple—just nail the best daily routine with organic skincare.

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20 Health and Hygiene Facts Athletes Must Keep In Mind Every Day – Slideshow

Everyone knows at least one sport person with seemingly perfect health. Every time you meet that person, you think of, how does he do it? How he manage to be fit besides regular workouts and trainings? Answer is simple by knowing and implementing health and hygiene facts. Skin problems like athlete’s foot infection is common and contagious skin disease that as a result of poor hygiene practices. Such skin infections causes itching, scaling, flaking and can result into embarrassingly painful days.

Hygiene also plays an important role in preventing disease. Proper hygiene can help reduce the spread of skin pathogen like bacteria, fungus and viruses. Everyday activities that can lead you to a healthy life include:

  • Use right natural skincare products.
  • Regular shower and hand washing.
  • Hydrates – in every way possible.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Sleep well.

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Solutions To Cure Stinky Smelly Feet After A Gym Session

Foot odor after a workout session can be really embarrassing for anyone. It is not the sweat that causes the foot odor, people generally get smelly feet when sweat does not evaporate.

You don’t need to feel awkward anymore! Many natural cure for smelly feet ​are worth trying to eliminate disturbing foot odor. Click on the video by ToHealth and follow the guide to get good results.

The Japanese study proved that the bacteria that live on skin and in your shoes, eats your sweat, producing an acid byproduct that smell unpleasantly. Fungal nail infection, caused by a fungus is a common in athletes and can also cause smelly feet. It can be cured by washing your feet frequently with natural antifungal gym soap.

Best solutions for smelly feet include; to wear moisture absorbing socks, shoes made of high quality, breathable materials such as mesh or leather.

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Know About The Importance Of Personal Hygiene In Women Athletes- Slide

This slideshow by DefenseSoap presents a look at some of the hygiene tips for women athletes. Maintaining good hygiene for a women athlete is much more than just looking good. It includes bathing, washing your hands, keeping your hair clean and brushing your teeth. With regular care of your body you can prevent disease, smell better, and feel cleaner without using expensive products.

Importance of personal hygiene in female athletes can not be neglected. They are at higher risk for numerous skin infections as they make more hygiene mistakes in the gym as compared to male athletes. Factors such as excessive sweating, menstruation and vaginal discharge also make personal hygiene vital for females.

Give some of these personal hygiene tips a try and let us know how life changes.

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Embarrassing Wrestling Skin Infections and How to Solve Them

Wrestling is a sport for people of dedication, motivation and has a high level of tactile sensitivity. With every move and every throw arrives the risk of obtaining wrestling skin infections. Some common types of wrestling skin infections include impetigo, herpes simplex, staph infection, and ring worm. Contagious ringworm skin infection can develop in different areas of the body, including the feet , the groin (jock itch), face or trunk (ring worm), the scalp, and in the nail beds. Staph infection spread through skin contact but can also be transmitted through sharing sports equipment during practice.

Early prevention and diagnosis is very important. One of the most prime thing for athletes is to manage personal hygiene. Wrestlers are encouraged to shower immediately after every practice or competition. When showering, it is essential to buy natural antibacterial soap which aids in removing any unwanted bacteria and infections during skin to skin contact.

Take a look at ten tips to prevent athletic skin infections in the slide show  below:

Another important skin prevention technique is to clean and disinfect all wrestling mats as well as equipment, including clothing and towels after every use. It is vital that weight rooms, wrestling rooms, and athletic training rooms be sanitized if there is any suspicion of staph infection to prevent further spread. Impetigo is extremely contagious bacterial infection which can spread through broken skin such as cuts and scraps. Athletes should also be discouraged from sharing shoes, unwashed towels and uniforms. Preventing skin infections from occurring is easier to deal than it is to contract and then treat them.

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