These 10 Coolest MMA Facts Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind – Video

From past few decades MMA has become massive than ever. There are some not so true MMA myths that continue to be perpetuated about this sport. Even the biggest MMA fan cannot claim to know every truth. Here we are sharing ten of the coolest facts about your favorite game.

Do you know, before becoming an MMA fighter, UFC strawweight Michelle Waterson used to be a Hooters waitress. At UFC 12 Big John McCarthy asked Dan Severn if he had any questions and Severn asked him a strange one. Cody McKenzie won 10 straight fights in a row with a guillotine choke, all of them were in the first round. Know more of them with given video by MMADigest:

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Lower Body Legs Strength Training Routine for Mixed Martial Arts – Video

Athletes nowadays are immense, agile and extreme than ever before. To increase the ability to run faster and jump higher, a hard-hitting lower-body routine with adequate leg strength training is required. Strength is overwhelmed by the speed of deflation, regardless of speed or the ways of deflation.

Many athletes are explosive, but lack in power. To increase the lower body strength follow this video by Funk Roberts helping athletes to increase their jumping power and leg strength.

The biggest need of an athlete is to develop a theoretical framework for leg strength training methods and tend to drift towards lower body stretching exercises based on trial and errors to feel benefited. As an MMA, athletes always want to improve over explosiveness whether it is for defense or for striking and this video will surely help.

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The Ultimate Boxing Training Workout Without A Boxing Bag

Boxing is a cardiovascular workout that you can do your own home, without using any equipment. You may think that you require a gym membership to start boxing, but not really.

There are ways to make your boxing training more interested without using any gym equipment. Here is video by Jan Rebong that tells some amazing facts about it:

It is important to start the workout with warm-up. If you are a beginner, start with light weights. If you are a boxer than your hands needs to move fast. For beginners and pros use this form of boxing to practice their technique and improve balance control.

To get better at your sport, you must practice it.

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Boxing Footwork Drills Improve Balance Control Spatial Positioning

Do we know how much balance plays an important role in a fighter’s life. One single mistake makes you lose your faith. So having muscle and strength, strong is not enough for best athlete; you must be able to move and generate force rapidly.

This video by fightTIPS will help you to improve your balance control spatial positioning to win the fight:

Eating the right food will help to enhance athletic performance. Whereas, exercising is beneficial for athletes if it’s not just helping you to burn fat or build muscles. It should increase your balance, strengthen your functional movements, and make you as the best athletes in the world. This all will help to improve athletic performance to win the fight.

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Martial Arts Endurance Exercises That Will Make Your Training So Much Better

MMA training is tough, but it is worth doing. Here, athletes need to prepare themselves mentally and physically. Endurance exercises for fighters body require tremendous amount of power, speed and explosiveness.

This video by fightTIPS is talking about martial arts endurance exercises to be a fighter:

A successful fighter can build strength, improve core stability and develop speed. There are no short cuts for mma strength training exercise. It is an overall physical fitness to get the best performance out of you. Strength training exercise includes running and cardio exercise.

It’s the right equivalent for pro mma athletes to prepare for battles in the UFC.

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