UFC 207: Watch Shocking First Round Knockout Of Female MMA Fighter (Video)

Female MMA fighters are making their mark in a male dominated sport! The much awaited UFC 207 women’s bantamweight Championship ended in mere 48 seconds and 27 punches. Technical Knockout was the reason behind Rousey’s elimination. Watch Nunes defeat Ronda in UFC 207 in this video by Patriots_Fan.

Although Ronda Rousey lost UFC 207 by TKO, she still is the greatest female MMA fighter of all time. A fight can be stopped by a technical knockout (TKO) when a boxer is considered to be unable to defend himself or sustained a serious injury, by the referee (and sometimes by the ringside physician) or when a boxer or his seconds decide he should not continue.

A knockout punch can end all contests decisively without dispute. The knockout punch has three elements– Power, Accuracy, and Surprise. If you are able to combine all the elements in one punch knockout, You can immediately take control over the situation.

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Compilation of The Most Amazing MMA Wrestling Techniques Involving Throws, Trips and Slams – Video

Wrestling is considered as the oldest combat. Along with being an excellent physical workout, Mixed Martial Arts training develops confidence, discipline and fitness. The MMA championship has wonderful combinations of fundamental and advanced wrestling techniques. Watch this wonderful compilation of interesting MMA wrestling techniques by MmmMMA:

Wrestling has some of the most effective techniques for controlling opponents and take downs. Popular moves like single and double legs are not all that wrestling has. Throws and trips are also utilized by wrestlers vastly. The throws, trips and big slams are effective wrestling techniques that are often related as to measure a wrestler’s strength. Many of these moves are used as finishers by wrestlers. It is not necessary to learn a thousand throws but being specialized can help become a competent grappler .

Wrestling by using effecting striking skills at all levels involves many moves designed to take control with the ultimate goal of outpointing or taking down on your opponent for a victory.

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Infographic – Rules To Follow For Self Defense Moves While Doing Mixed Martial Arts Training

Self defense situations are short and intense; requiring extreme focus with a will to stay alive. Knowing how to fight is essential. Self defense moves aid those situations where there is no ring, no referees to help you and to stop the situation before it gets out of control and no one to stop the attacker from beating you to death even after you have been knocked down.

Given infographic by EvolveMixedMartialArts with seven critical rules for self defense in MMA.

Self Defense Moves

MMA is a fight with rules. Unlike self defense, fighters know months in advance that they have a fight with someone and practice for it. MMA training builds up speed strength and agility. It is not self defense but it builds up confidence and muscle strength that aid in situations where self defense moves are required. Learn to destroy your opponent’s legs as that is one of the most effective pressure points to hit.

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Video – Get Inspired By The Mixed Martial Arts Champions To Reach Your Goal in 2017

Do you know what happens in the Mixed Martial Arts Champions’ mind when they are in the octagon-facing their opponent? Even in the most stressful situations, the champions rose focused because they’re so sure of what they want to achieve. Not fame not money accomplishing the goal they’ve set from their childhood probably- the championship belt.

They’re doing what they’ve always been best at. They’ve pushed their boundaries to accomplish what they’ve always dreamed of and proved people wrong. See beautiful examples MMA Champions quote in the given video by RedFrostMotivation.

Get better everyday. Don’t wait for any resolution. Love what you do. Set little goals to achieve the big goal. Believe,good things happen. Mixed Martial Arts Champions made history by doing something that they’ve always loved. You can do it too! Grow each day. Improvise adapt and overcome all your shortcomings and be the best you can.

Read motivational quotes for athletes and start now! This is the moment. Don’t waste any more time. Get going!

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Here Is The Compilation Of The 40 Best MMA Knockouts In 2016 – Video

Another year is coming to a close and yet another year of great MMA knockouts. The year again had the best MMA knockouts; some were historic, some spectacular, and some just amazing. Power, timing, speed, techniques- you’ll find in this amazing compilation of the best MMA knockouts video by MMA Boxing 999.

MMA is endlessly technical and complex. An athlete spends a lifetime to master just one of the key disciplines it combines, wrestling, striking and grappling.There are 11 weight classes in mixed martial arts and dozens of fighters competing in each one across multiple promotions, including the UFC. Spinning back kicks and fists, armbar, triangle choke, flying knee, powerful jabs, wheel kicks and many more techniques that are used by the most dangerous attackers take years of practice.

A lot of strength is required for serious competitions through various strength and athletic performance drills to achieve big three of quality:movement, power, and conditioning. That takes a lot of training that can be achieved through knockout power workout.

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