A Closer Look At The History Behind UFC 183 By The Numbers – [Infographic]

UFC 183: Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz was an MMA event held on January 31, 2015. Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva, most dynamic striker of all time, the longest reigning UFC middleweight champion in UFC history has a number of records to his name. Post-fight bonuses by Silva, 2nd most in UFC history behind Joe Lauzons.

Diaz’s 13 wins by KO, eight by submission (4 armbar, 2 kimura, RNC, triangle choke). Get more details on their records in this infographic by UFC.

History Behind UFC
MMA has evolved a lot. Now, fighters can no longer rely on one skill set to dominate the competition. Fighters are now required to round out their striking, wrestling and BJJ games in order to have a chance at making to the top of the UFC.

Silva’s Muay Thai clinch, Diaz’s triangle choke, Rousey’s armbar gave them a lot of attention. There are different submission specialists in MMA history who made their skill sets take them to a new height.

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Here’s A Family Tree Of MMA Fighting Techniques That Will Turn You To A Wrestling Expert- An Infographic

The proof that martial arts existed goes back millennia but the true roots are hard to piece together. Many people know just about their regional fighting techniques but given infographic gives us a sneak peak into the fighting techniques practiced all over the world.

MMA fighting techniques

Many techniques like Wheelchair Fencing, Sambo, Gatka, Hapkido, Gilma may not be worldwide known but they work towards the same goal as martial arts. Jeet Kune Do(a mixed martial art based on Kung Fu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and others) developed in the 1960’s teaches you how to condition your body. It is considered a big influence on modern MMA fighting techniques. Kickboxing teaches punching and kicking with karate techniques.

The fights can be viewed easily but takes a lot of courage and determination to successfully train in MMA disciplines. Fighting techniques and effective training offer mental, emotional, and spiritual discipline.

Share your thought with us on your favorite MMA fighting techniques.

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13 UFC Hall of Fame Mixed Martial Artists – Infographic

Mixed Martial arts, which is a combination of wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu, boxing and kickboxing has no shortcuts to get to the crest. You have to put in a lot of work to be a part of the UFC Hall Of Fame. Training, exercising and performing submissions and strikes are just a part of beginning with the sport.

The infographic by Sherdog releases very interesting facts about the UFC hall of fame MMA Fighters. Have a look:

ufc hall of fame

UFC Hall of Fame honors mixed martial artist and personalities, established and maintained by Ultimate Fight Championship. It also reveals great achievements in their careers as well as the knockouts and technical knockouts.

Out of a number of submissions inverted triangle, leg kicks, armbar, spinning back elbow, gogoplata are just some of the most popular and the best MMA signature moves. They’re worth learning for MMA applications or even for self defense situations.

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All That You Need To Know About The Double Leg Takedown During Your First MMA Training – Video

Double leg takedown is the very famous and high percentage shot when setup properly. It is the first takedown amateur wrestlers are taught being most common technique for a simple reason- “it works!”

Here is one of the MMA Training Videos by OpenMatFitness on double leg takedown. Must watch:

The video will help you to setup the shot properly without missing it. Correcting your stance, pop the opponent’s elbow and chopping him down without getting yourself choked. The position of your upper body is very important in making the double leg takedown effective. Follow up the takedown by striking or gapelling.

Double leg takedown causes the opponent to loose his balance as you have both his legs. Advanced mma workout routines enable gaining core strength and stability that is most essential in combat sports. Taking down on an opponent can psychologically shock your opponent, physically exhaust him or even get him knocked out.

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Kani Basami Tutorial- One OF The Most Outbreaking And Dangerous BJJ Takedown

Here is a video by Stephan Kesting teaching Kani Basami, the most dangerous throw in Judo and BJJ. More tips, tricks and techniques at GrappleArts.

The only reason the most effective move kani basami has been banned in all judo competitions and most bjj competitions is severe orthopedic damage that it causes. Nose, jaw, arm broken or concussions or ankle twisted or knee anterior crucial ligament torn were just some of the devastating jiu jistu takedowns.

Brazilian jiu jistu takedowns in it’s simplest form involve throwing one leg up and in front of your opponent and the other behind his knees to drag him to the ground. From there you can transition to top position or to a number of different leg attacks. Controlled and coordinated training can prevent this technique from going wrong.

Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Learn BJJ Submissions for some real mixed martial arts actions.

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