The Complete Guide On Athlete Skin Care – [Infographic]

In sports such as wrestling skin infections are very prevalent. Few factors that most likely to cause skin infections among athletes from different sports are close skin-to-skin association, contaminated gears and surfaces, cramped living conditions and most importantly poor hygiene.

When it comes to prevention of skin infection “Awareness is Key”. Athletes and trainers need to be educated about their important part in reducing the spread of highly infectious diseases like mrsa, herpes and impetigo. Essential prevention tips are following good hygiene practices, having apparels and gear washed regularly and avoiding sharing of towels, athletic gear, soaps, razors, hair combs. It is equally significant to perform daily surveillance and report all abrasions, wounds, cuts, and skin change to the coach.

Here Defense Soap presents to you – “Guide On Skin Infections Among Athletes – An Infographic”

Guide On Skin Infections Among Athletes

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