10 Facts About Hot Tubs And Infection That Will Help You Staying Healthy

Hot water bathing has been a tradition from roman times. It works amazing if you want to relax your body. But, you probably don’t know that soaking in hot tubs can also end up with infectious skin diseases.

hot tub infection

Here is why hot tubs get so contaminated and how they can make you sick:

1. Germs and pathogens survive in hot tubs
A lot of this stuff is harmless, but a surprising number of people carry bacteria, fungus, or germs that cause disease.

2. Bacterias can grow in the temperature of hot tubs
Germs are perfectly happy living at those temperatures and can survive for days or even weeks.

3. Everyone gets a turn to sit in the same hot water
Hot tubs are very problematic, a small volume of water filled with people makes the chlorine demand impossibly high.

4. Hot tubs are unhygienic
Hot tubs are high maintenance and require a lot of knowledge and care to stay clean

5. Hot tubs can cause rashes
You may also get a head-to-toe rash caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. It’s because of the consequence of soaking in contaminated water.

6. Lot of poop in hot tubs
In a typical busy public pool or water park, there are several pounds of poop or urination shed in the pool by the end of the day. That’s a lot of shit to deal with.

7. Crypto, is chlorine-tolerant parasite common in hot tub
Crypto is a parasite which stays in your faeces for weeks after you get sick and even when you get better.

8. If the hot tub isn’t cleaned bacteria will grow overnight
The most important practice is adding enough chlorine before finishing up for the night.

9. Private hot tubs are worst than the public ones
Private hot tubs are often worse because it’s up to the owner get lazy when it’s only family and friends using the tub.

10. Hot tubs carry bacteria which can cause small cuts and ingrown hairs to become infected
Bacterial infections like MRSA infection spread during summer because of the suitable temperature of hot tubs. You should probably stay out if you have any wounds where bacteria can enter. 

Bottom line: We don’t want to ruin your next soak. Hot tub infections are common and to be safe you need to pay attention to the cleanliness!

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