Defense Soap Now Available to 3000 Gyms Across Canada

Defense Soap LLC and Hatashita International have entered into an agreement which allow 3,000 Canadian gyms access to Defense Soap, the original soap developed for combat athletes.
Hatashita International, which started out as a martial arts uniform company over 60 years ago has now evolved into one of North Americas leading combat sport and martial arts suppliers.
Hatashita International is comprised of these various divisions, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, custom made and OEM gear and retail, all of which are dedicated to servicing our customers and the martial arts combat sports industry.

Much like Defense Soap, Hatashita International values honesty, integrity and respect. Both companies employ these values as a foundation for their business practices.
Founder of Defense Soap says, “We are very excited to be distributed by Hatashita International. To be recognized by a company of this size and by a company so entrenched in the MMA community tells us that we are doing something right on our end. It also pleases us that Defense Soap will be available to our very loyal Canadian customers who have weathered exorbitant shipping charges and extensive delivery times.

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