Defense Soap Official Sponsor of the ADCC National Championships

Abu Dhabi Coming to Huston

Abu Dhabi Coming to Huston

Defense Soap and The World Grappling Circuit have teamed up to help the ADCC Championship competitors protect themselves from contracting  fight skin infections during  The ADCC regional and national tournaments this summer.

The ADCC is evolving into a major force on the MMA scene and has something to offer every age group and every skill level.

If you are a kid, teen, beginner or an intermediate, you will be able to grapple in a no-gi tournament that has different rules then most other tournaments. Also, you can start to learn how to compete in an ADCC tournament if you have bigger and better plans, like Worlds. ADCC officials will be at every tournament scouting talent.

For Experts, every regional winner will get invited to a 16 man ADCC National Championships next year. We will be inviting winners as well as people who compile the most points during the year. 1st place is automatic and 2nd – 4th places will get points. So the Nationals will be 2 days. The first day will be an open tournament and all skill levels and ages can compete. The winner of the expert division on Saturday will get invited to fight Sunday in the 16 man tournament. Winner of that tournament will be crowned ADCC National Champion. We will have Nationals every year at the end of our grappling season which will be in June.

So the first Regional will be ADCC Texas and then ADCC Las Vegas. We will have ADCC Grand Lakes on September 12th and also be adding in Denver, Seattle, Sacramento, NY/NJ and maybe Boston and Atlanta.So the first Nationals will be at the end of this grappling year which will be in June of 2010. We will have more exciting news soon about the Nationals.

Defense Soap will be posting up to the minute information on this blog as well as our website.

For more immediate  information please contact Mr. Brett Boyce:

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