10 Most Fundamental Organic Skincare Tips For Athletes – Slideshow

Athletes are more focused towards building muscles, meeting goals, crossing finish lines and winning the game. All the physical activities they do to achieve their goals hits their bodies hard that causes aching muscles to skin infections to dehydration. Athletes need special skincare too, and may need to take care of their skin a bit differently than others. Using products with no organic ingredients is a big no-no. It can be harsh on the skin, resulting in clogged pores.

Wondering where to start! Below is a slideshow with all great advices for athlete’s skincare, watch it to know how you can keep your skin healthy:

Germs and bacteria are everywhere, avoid sharing gym equipments or mats, unless you clean them with some anti-bacterial cleaning agent. These are some common hygiene mistakes that lead to skin bacteria, athletes feet or, even to some other worst skin infections.

Remember, secret to healthy life is simple—just nail the best daily routine with organic skincare.

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How To Choose A Perfect Workout Music Playlist – An Infographic

Every well-balanced workout has a perfect rhythm. For every section there should be music to match that helps keep you motivated. Music is like a drug​ that enhances your performance. If you are having a stressful day, there’s nothing like a good playlist.

Does music help you to workout? What should be right workout music playlist? Sworkit’s infographic is here to coach your workout music choices:

Perfect Workout

As per studies, 53% people using a music player would motivate them to work out more frequently that helpful to increase the stamina, higher intensity, better concentration level and faster pace. Workout music starts slowly and increase the energy to push you into the most intense part of your workout.

NOW, what are you waiting for! Pick your ear phones and take your fitness to the next level with a perfectly upgraded playlist.

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20 Health and Hygiene Facts Athletes Must Keep In Mind Every Day – Slideshow

Everyone knows at least one sport person with seemingly perfect health. Every time you meet that person, you think of, how does he do it? How he manage to be fit besides regular workouts and trainings? Answer is simple by knowing and implementing health and hygiene facts. Skin problems like athlete’s foot infection is common and contagious skin disease that as a result of poor hygiene practices. Such skin infections causes itching, scaling, flaking and can result into embarrassingly painful days.

Hygiene also plays an important role in preventing disease. Proper hygiene can help reduce the spread of skin pathogen like bacteria, fungus and viruses. Everyday activities that can lead you to a healthy life include:

  • Use right natural skincare products.
  • Regular shower and hand washing.
  • Hydrates – in every way possible.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Sleep well.

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What Recovery Means For MMA Athletes – An Infographic

​​Recovery is an indispensable factor of any success for mma players. ​​Strength training and tough workout routines makes rest and recovery essential to lower their risk of injuries​. If not taken care on time, even a normal injury might lead to low output ability and can destroy an individual’s career.

How does a ​mma​ ​athlete’s body feel after a fight? What are the benefits of recovery before and after a competition? Below is an infographic by DefenseSoap describing the importance of recovery for ​mma ​athletes:

Athletes recovery

As a martial art fighter they never realize the possibilities of getting harmed. Unusual use of leg or thigh during practicing or a match can take considerable damage from leg kicks. Weak immune system can result into embarrassing skin infection. That is why we suggest them to not ignore their body’s requirement of proper rest.

Remember, paying attention to recover on right time can help achieving your athletic goals and healthy life.

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Top 10 Hottest MMA Female Athletes-Video

MMA is not a game of men anymore!

Nowadays, females in MMA is the most hottest topic. They are stealing the show on many UFC cards with amazing fights. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a home to hundreds of the world’s most in-shape athletes. No one can deny the fact that being undeniably attractive also helps bring viewers to this sport.

Below is a video by Top10 presenting ten hottest female MMA athletes. A combination of toughness and easiness, these women have been inspiration with their performance and good looks.

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