Become A Complete Athlete With These Muscle Building Programs

Do you ever watch elite athletes and wonder what you’ll learn from the approach they train? Maybe you’re bored with the muscle building program, the long walks on the treadmill, following the same split routine for weeks on end. To have a muscular body athletes need to consume proper muscle building foods.

To train like an athlete for that you need to watch this video by Michael Waters and try to figure out that what you are doing wrong in your muscle building program:

Exercise Selection For Muscle Building Program

The Limit Factor: An exercise is only for a bodypart if that bodypart may be a limiting consider the execution of the exercise, commanding the opposite criteria.

Range of Motion: The lots of associate exercise moves joints through their full vary of motion.

Tissue Stress Distribution: Exercise that consist stress to its targeted structures, and also the less stress is applied to peripheral tissue.

Strength Curve = Resistance Curve: The closer the resistance curve of an exercise approximates a healthy trainee’s strength curve.

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How Much Physical Activity is Enough For Adolescents?

One must choose the best form of exercise to get the most out of a physical activity for athlete kids. Today kids spend more than 7/12 hours in front of TV, iPods or on computers. A study says, about 13 percent of boys and 18 percent of girls between 8 and 17 years have never been to a club or practiced any sport. Lack of physical activities leading kids of all ages towards heath issues like obesity.

Do you still have any doubts regarding the physical activity for kids? Check out the statistics by ESPN:


Now we know exercise or any form of physical activity can help your kids to have a healthy body and soul.
However, all the adults need to know the following fitness facts. They can have a significant impact on an athlete’s life.

  • Good nutrition improve athletic performance
  • Fluid intake is important as dehydration can impair sportsperson’s performance.

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7 Minutes Workout – Stay Fit Even When You Don’t Want To Spend Hours In The Gym (Infographic)

Everyone is aware of the fact that how important is staying fit and healthy. But most of us don’t like to workout. And besides busy with lots of stuff in today’s busy world it’s not possible to spent time on exercising or gym.
You too want to stay fit and hate spending time in the gym or haven’t time to workout? Don’t be sad, here we get you 7 minutes workout routine to helps you stay fit.

7 minutes workout

It’s self-evident that a fit and healthy individual won’t spend as much money for health care as the average unfit person. People who are physically fit are also healthier, are able to maintain their most optimum weight, and are also not prone to cardiac and other health problems.

Besides having a healthy lifestyle the only thing which helps us to stay fit is the best workout routine. Exercises not only helps to you loose weight and built muscles, it’s also help you to prevent many diseases and stay healthy.

Now you can stay fit and healthy with no time!

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6 Ways Woman Knows That Her Man Is Hiding Jock Itch

Your man finds it embarrassing to disclose a problem he is suffering around the nether region. He believes that you may find it gross and may turn away from him. But hardly does he realise that you are more sneeky than he imagines you to be. You do come to know about the hidden truth and how…

1. You: Lets go for a swim, it’s been so long.
Your man: ummm, I dont enjoy it anymore…


2. You : Weren’t you supposed to be at the gym right now
Your man: Nooo
You: Its been a week
Your man: huh!

I know

3. You: I am waiting for you in the bedroom.
Your man: Tomorrow Baby


4. You: why is the table shaking? Stop Scratching.
Your man: No, I am not.


5. You: Come lets dance
Your man : I am fine. You enjoy

dont wanna dance

6. You: Why are You walking like this?
Your man: I love it..

awkward walk

Belive me he is not in love with the Gangnam Style




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The Most Dangerous Takedown In Wrestling – Mixed Martial Arts

Wrestling is a full-contact combat sport. In mixed martial arts takedowns are important part of the fight. It empower both your striking and grapping, using techniques from other combat sports. However infective takendowns can be dangerous as well.

For more tips, tricks and techniques of takendowns, watch this video by Stephan Kesting:

Just like each different aspect of MMA, the takedown game continues to evolve as fighters look to realize the favorable position within the technique department. Still, there are staples that near to each rival comes back to in a pinch. These are the top four helpful takedowns in wrestling. Takendown wrestling never complete without single or double legs. For this they need the ultimate workout guide for wrestling to become a champion.

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