Beginner Level of Full Bodyweight Workout Routine You Need In Your Life

Right choice of bodyweight training can make a tremendous difference in your athletic life. Bodyweight workout challenges are all about the basics of you training routines. It plays a significant role for strength and skills and helps you to build muscles, lose fat,and sculpt the physique you’ve always wanted.

To make life easier for you, we decided to share an ultimate video by Calisthenics & Weight Training with you. Here you are going to find a full body workout routine that will help you to gain strength and muscles:

As it require lots of reps to build muscles for what it’s the suitable and best workout routine to follow. Within the context of a complete program that uses pull ups, squats, sit-ups, and push ups, bodyweight training has some specific advantages. Of course, this requires a lot of time and commitment.

If you are a newbie, we would recommend that you get familiar with gymnastics first.

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5 Bodyweight Exercise Mistakes You Should NEVER Make

Have you heard someone saying that bodyweight exercises doesn’t help building muscles? Such people are either don’t know about these exercises or doing the wrong ones. People making bodyweight exercise mistakes usually spend hours in gym, thinking that they’re doing things right. In reality, they’re just doing bodyweight exercise in a way that is not going to help them..

In order for a bodyweight exercise to be effective you need to do them right. This video by ATHLEAN-X will show you 5 of the biggest mistakes you can make with bodyweight exercises and more importantly, how you can fix them.

Doing bodyweight exercise wrong can also cause injuries. While most injuries can be managed with little to no disruption and other activities of daily living. So it is important to understand the role of health and safety in our workout life.

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How UFC Fighters Can Increase Flexibility To Deliver The Most Badass Kick You’ll Ever See

Nothing embodies the beauty and mystique of the martial artist quite like a high kick. Martial Arts kick is fun and impressive. It may only take a short time to get your hips and hamstrings flexible enough to do them.

How flexibility works for a high kick? How much time it takes? Here is a fantastic video by Fight Tips for you to follow which exercise will get you the best flexibility:

Once you get used to throwing a side kick at waist level, you may want to try increasing the height to head level. Flexibility exercise for MMA players is a fundamental technique to get the high and powerful kicks. You can teach yourself to kick efficiently to the head, but it’s going to take dedication and work.

So, take your time to develop proper technique and kick as higher as you want.

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10 Of The Best Pay-Per-View Fights Of All Time Will Bring You Pure Inspiration- Infographic

In past few years business of combat sports has been taken over by Pay-Per-View fights. The value of the pay per view deal is coming close to replacing titles and championship belts as the ultimate measure of a boxer. The top pay per view boxing match fighters average payout is $22.4 million.

Here’s the infographic by Sports Interaction with ten best PPV boxing fights (Mayweather vs Pacquiao to Trump) of all the time for you:

Pay-Per-View Fight

The Pay Per View gives you the biggest fights and the best athletes chosen from around the world. These fighters give the electrifying performance to entertain people by risking their lives in the battle of death ,which needs great courage and enthusiasm.

If you like risks than go and chase these Pay Per View fights.

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The Best Pre-Workout Stretching Warm Up Exercise To Burn 20% More Calories

We all know the importance of warming up before a workout. From past few years dynamic warm-ups started gaining popularity among athletes. It prepare your muscles and joints for more intense fitness training with reducing your risk of injures.

This video by HASfit shaing best warm up exercise routines for men and women at home or in gym:

Dynamic stretching warm up exercise help you to burn your calories better. These stretches take 5-10 minutes before your exercise routine. It is not at all complected. You can add few lighter intensity activities that mimics your upcoming workout. You can do the walking before running, slow cycling before biking or lower body stretching exercises as a warm up.

Overall, we should do stretching before and after exercise. It may need to put little more effort to change your routine, but it has many benefits that you can’t ignore

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