Here’s The Right Way To Wash Your Hands According To Experts- Video

The right way to wash your hands is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and others from contagious skin infections. It is very important to wash your hands properly because it removes dirt, viruses, and bacteria to stop them spreading to other people and objects.

In the above video, infection control expert Cristine Balintona is showing the right way to wash your hands. She says women have significantly more types of bacteria on their hands than men do and dry hands spread germs less easily than wet hands.

Hand-washing doesn’t take much time or effort, but it helps in terms of preventing illness. Antibacterial liquid hand soaps, bar soaps are effective at killing germs than regular soap. Adopting this simple habit can play a major role in protecting your health.

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The Best 30 Minutes Cardio Kickboxing Workout for MMA Training- Video

In Mixed Martial Arts, cardio workouts are necessary to burn calories. These workouts besides shaping your body give you many other fitness advantages. When it comes to MMA cardio workout, keep in mind that training is where your mind, heart, and body are pushed and tested.

In the given HASfit video, Coach Kozak is showing the best 30 minutes cardio kickboxing workout routine. It is among the best cardiovascular exercises and aerobic workouts known to athletes. This workout is a combination of boxing, martial art and aerobics, and involves a large variety of exercise types.

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10 Best Strength Exercises For Mixed Martial Arts Athletes- Video

Having a strength and strong grip is essential for the MMA and combat athletes. Doing good strength exercises have a great influence on winning a fight. Strength exercises help the martial arts athletes to perform at high level.

In the above video, FunkRoberts is showing best strength building exercises for MMA, Martial Arts, and combat fighters by pulling weights which are very beneficial for Building strength

Such strength training routines for MMA teaches how to boost your fighting skills and reduces stress on the joints and you still get the improvement in strength.

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Body-weight Strength and Conditioning Workout for Brazilian Jiu Jistu (Video)

Proper technique should be the number one priority for strength and conditioning workouts. Doing strength and conditioning workouts can improve a Brazilian jiu jistu athletes’s confidence and endurance during those first few months of rolling.

In the above video, FunkRoberts is showing ten exercises for one minute each . These workouts boost the strength and conditioning of an individual and can be repeated as many times as desired.

The kettlebell conditioning workout is considered to be one of the best jiu-jitsu workout routines which help you to get all essential physical qualities.

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Best Nutrition Diet Plan For MMA and Combat Fighters- Video

It is very important for MMA and combat fighters to follow the best diet plan. If you are a beginner the diet does not need to be strict unless there are certain goals.

How should you start with nutrition? What are some key elements of a right diet plan for a MMA athlete? Here is a video by FunkRoberts sharing information on nutrition for MMA and combat fighters.

Mixed Martial Arts for an athlete without good diet is like driving a car without fuel. It’s not going to take you anywhere. Diet and nutrition plays a vital role in improving athletic performance. Any nutrition plan would be a success with workout food recipe with proper proteins, carbs, fats, vegetables, fruits and lots of water.

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