10 Rules To Get Six Pack Abs In 2016 – Slideshow

Summer is approaching very quickly! Most of you must have started working on your transition to get that impeccable set of six or eight pack abs that you have always desired. Getting perfect set of six pack abs is an ideal aim for athletes. There are no short cuts for six pack abs, it requires a mixture of diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercise over several months.

Instead of falling for the empty promises, spend your time focusing on the things that actually matter. Minimize your frustration and pain by following the dieting and exercising rules given in the slideshow to build killer six pack abs.

Remember, six pack abs takes more than just hard work and effort; it takes the appropriate strategy to get the job done.

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Solutions To Cure Stinky Smelly Feet After A Gym Session

Foot odor after a workout session can be really embarrassing for anyone. It is not the sweat that causes the foot odor, people generally get smelly feet when sweat does not evaporate.

You don’t need to feel awkward anymore! Many natural cure for smelly feet ​are worth trying to eliminate disturbing foot odor. Click on the video by ToHealth and follow the guide to get good results.

The Japanese study proved that the bacteria that live on skin and in your shoes, eats your sweat, producing an acid byproduct that smell unpleasantly. Fungal nail infection, caused by a fungus is a common in athletes and can also cause smelly feet. It can be cured by washing your feet frequently with natural antifungal gym soap.

Best solutions for smelly feet include; to wear moisture absorbing socks, shoes made of high quality, breathable materials such as mesh or leather.

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5 Exercise About A Guide To The Best Ever Time Saving Beginner Workout – Video

At early stage, setting right fitness goals are truly important for athletes. Problem here is, at this point of your life, for most of beginners, workout will include a very little variety. ​Experts says, an intelligently designed beginner workout schedule and strength training programme can help you get the perfect shape.

Looking for beginner workout suggestions? Watch this video by SixPackShortcuts to help youself learn interesting exercises:

Push ​U​ps (Time Duration: ​30 secs​):
The exercise positions all the muscles in our upper body and builds optimal strength in the forearms, shoulders, chest.​

Toe Touches(Time Duration:30 secs):
Tone your stomach muscles with this easy routine.

Planks(Time Duration: 3​0​ secs)​:​
Planks are effective for strengthening your core, abs and back- all you need is a flat surface​.​

Squats (Time Duration: ​30 secs):
It is a full-body fitness staple that targets quad,​ ​hamstrings and the core.

​High Knees(Time Duration: ​30 secs​):​
Great cardio exercise​.​ ​I​t will improve flexibility and power in the lower limbs.

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Exercises For Women Athletes Help To Eliminate Back Fat- Infographic

Back bulge around the bra area is not fun to deal with, especially when you are in gym or participating in a match. But you can feel more confident in your own skin with just a little extra efforts. Doing right exercises and strength training programme can help you to get perfect back.

Wondering what are the right workouts! Follow this infographic by FitWirr for nine effective exercises that will help you to eliminate your stubborn back fat:

Back exercises for women athletes

Women athletes spend their most gym sessions on tightening and toning the areas they consider the most noticeable like stomach, butts and legs. Several studies and research works have proved that extra body fat causes a lot of medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke. Back fat is a more serious condition, as most of the people tend to ignore. Which shouldn’t be the case.

So get started today and say goodbye to your back bulge!

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Know About The Importance Of Personal Hygiene In Women Athletes- Infographic

This slideshow by DefenseSoap presents a look at some of the hygiene tips for women athletes. Maintaining good hygiene for a women athlete is much more than just looking good. It includes bathing, washing your hands, keeping your hair clean and brushing your teeth. With regular care of your body you can prevent disease, smell better, and feel cleaner without using expensive products.

Importance of personal hygiene in female athletes can not be neglected. They are at higher risk for numerous skin infections as they make more hygiene mistakes in the gym as compared to male athletes. Factors such as excessive sweating, menstruation and vaginal discharge also make personal hygiene vital for females.

Give some of these personal hygiene tips a try and let us know how life changes.

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