Doing Push-Ups Daily Can Actually Help You Building Muscle (Video)

You heard it right! Doing push-ups daily can keep you physically and mentally strong. You will notice that a lot of people who dedicate a huge workout portion to do push-ups daily are active and good in sports.

In this video by Titans Global shows how push-ups helped him to grow 2 inches in his chest circumference. For arms, it only grew 2/8 inches.

Such exercises for upper body help in overall strength gain and muscle growth. Push-ups with strengthening your upper body muscles, also involves other muscles in your body including your shoulder blades, biceps, and hamstrings.

Take a push-up challenge today to see the results.

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Effective 6-HIT Striking Combos By UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews- Video

Mixed Martial Arts is a worldwide known sport which combines a number of fighting techniques, including BJJ, Karate, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai and many more. In MMA to successfully defeat your opponent knowledge of effective fighting techniques is a must for athletes.

In the given video by SubmissionRadio, UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews and head coach of XLR8 Mick Matthews demonstrating six famous HIT striking combos.

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Video- Essential Lower Body & Hip Mobility Exercises For BJJ Athletes

Let’s face it, it takes lots of energy and strength to get a great body. All the hard work means nothing if you can’t recover from brutal workouts. It’s very important to know the easy recovery essentials after a hard training session. Lower body & hip mobility exercises in BJJ are very beneficial for athletes.

In the above video, DieselStrength&Conditioning is showing essential hip mobility movements & how to warm-up for lower body workouts. He is doing post workout recovery with stretching, which is better for sore muscles.

After workouts, free radical levels are higher in our muscle cells, which can be reduced by lower body workouts and stretching.

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Symptoms, Treatment And Natural Cures For Fungal Skin Infection: Video

Fungal skin infection can be a worrying problem and could create issues during treatment as well. Being highly contagious, it can spread from person to person and through personal belongings. Various home remedies are known to be highly effective in treating fungal skin infections. These treatments may take a while but are very effective for, long run.

In the above video, Natural – Home Remedies are showing us 8 natural cures for fungal infections and these are easily available at home like garlic, aloe vera, clove oil, tea tree oil etc.

Basic fungal skin infection fact is spores. Spores are the infection causing part of a fungus; humans may get them by direct skin contact or even breathe in with the air. Anybody can get a fungal infection, and in today’s active lifestyle, they are very common. Some herbal remedies can destroy the fungi causing the infection as well as reduce the intensity of the symptoms.

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Technique Of The Week: BJJ Guillotine Choke [Video]

UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews and all time BJJ champion show you some moves that are fitted in all combat fight. Takedown will leave you in the clear of getting locked up in a nasty guillotine choke.

In this video UFC lightweight Jake Matthews demonstrates teaches you the takedown method that avoids the risk of getting choked out in Submission Radio’s “Technique of the week”.

He is also a BJJ brown belt and holds four submission victories over his opponents. In the above video, Jake shows how to minimize the risk of getting stuck in your opponent’s guard. This variation of double leg takedown also leaves a side control, which is not only advantageous in MMA and BJJ, but also creates opportunities for your own offense and control.

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