Era of Youth Wrestling

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Wrestling is a professionally entertaining sport. Youth wrestling is gaining popularity with each passing day. Beach wrestling, arm wrestling, freestyle wrestling, collegiate wrestling are some common types of wrestling. It has given birth to legendary wrestlers.

History of Wrestling
Evidences show youth wrestling has deep roots in Greece, was played 15,000 years ago. The ancient Romans adopted the sport with much enthusiasm, but devised rules to eliminate most of the brutality. New York City hosted the first national organized wrestling tournament.

Wrestling Benefits
The youth of this generation is inclined towards wrestling. It is leaving a greater impact on their mind and they are interested to make their future in wrestling. Wrestling is important to develop basic athletic skills. It develops physique and mental toughness. Wrestling is such an amazing sport that provides youth an opportunity to learn things and develop strong mind and bodies.

Hygiene Importance for Wrestlers
It’s not easy to be a wrestler as it requires a lot of stamina and strength. It is then common that youth wrestlers are prone to skin infections as they have to deal with sweat. Herpes, ringworms are the most common skin infections, which affect wrestlers. Youth wrestlers need to practice hygiene habits such as: never share towels, equipment, etc. One of the things to remember is proper hygiene for wrestlers: never share towels, equipments, uniforms and use antifungal soap, which will help them to lead healthy lives and excel in the game.

Youth wrestling makes wrestlers strong enough to deal challenges and overcome them. It teaches hard work and personal accountability.

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Reasons Why Gym Hygiene is Must For MMA Athletes

Nothing is bad than arriving at the gym for exercise and going home with a skin disease. Working out in public gyms on regular basis makes gym hygiene an essential practice for MMA athletes.

Relation of Contagious Skin Infections With Gym Hygiene
MMA athletes need to workout every day to keep their body fit for competitions. Environment at public gyms turns out to be an ideal breeding ground for hosts of skin infections. Sweating, direct or indirect contact with the lesions make every athlete’s skin vulnerable at gym.

Check out Hygiene Tips To Stay Safe While Working Out at Gym:

  • If you are not well, don’t visit gym.
  • Wear clean clothes every time you hit the gym.
  • Cover all cuts and scrapes to prevent spreading infections.
  • Cut your nails to avoid gathering terrible germs at the gym.
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you to prevent contracting with gym bacteria.
  • Secure your feet with wearing loose, clean and dry gym shoes.
  • Use two towels at gym, one for your skin and one for cleaning your gym equipments.
  • Carry body wipes to wipe down your gym equipment after use.
  • Shower after every workout to avoid getting skin infections from gym.
  • Don’t share your soap bar or towel. Using natural shower gel would be a better choice.
  • Wear footwear in the shower or pool area even after completing your workout session.

If you’re always getting skin troubles from having poor hygiene habits, check out this power point presentation below to know about best cleaning product for your gym life:

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Perfect Solution When You Can’t Get To The Shower

The ever lurking danger of pathogens, bacteria, wounds and infections makes MMA an extremely vulnerable sport. There are times when it is not possible to take shower after every practice or competition. Skipping a single bath consequently makes life more unsafe for athletes. Here comes “body wipes” for their rescue. Natural antibacterial body wipes are designed for preventing transmission of infectious skin diseases among athletes even in absence of shower.

Must Know Facts On Body Wipes For MMA Athletes:
1) Body wipes are individually packaged and safe to use.
2) Disposable disinfectant wipes will fit in your gym bag or pocket.
3) Antibacterial body wipes are formulated to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria on the skin.
4) Body wipes are natural, clean and fresh that smells great.
5) Must try Defense body wipes are extra moist and extra large in cases you need to clean from head to toe.
6) Body wipes are best for disinfectant cleansing of wrestling tools to decrease bacteria and to promote good individual hygiene.
7) These wipes remove sweat, dirt, grime and odor without water- leaving you clean and refreshed.

If you want to spread the word, not the skin infection; watch this video for having a perfect water saving shower in a pack.

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Role of Skin Hygiene in Wrestling

Our skin acts as first line of defence against many skin maladies. Following proper skin care advices is the most important way to prevent the existence of skin infections in wrestling.

Skin Hygiene and Infection Prevention:
Infections resulted from lack of skin hygiene can establish further health difficulties, they can also influence an athlete’s performance. Preventing skin infection is much easier than treating them. A stable effort must be made by coaches, parents and people from wrestling community to raise awareness about skin hygiene specifically among teen wrestlers.

Skin Hygiene is A Continuous Task:
Wrestlers must follow these skin care advices on daily basis:

  • Wash hands after getting in contact with other athletes.
  • Bath regularly using natural defense body shower gel.
  • Remove underarm and leg hair regularly.
  • Taking care of nails and feet is essential.
  • Wear dry during and after competitions.
  • Keep skin dry and clean.

Choosing right shower product is equally important to keep wrestlers safe and healthy. Watch video given below to find a product that’s right for you.

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How MMA Athletes Can Fight Skin Fungus

Skin Fungus is not a new term for MMA athletes. Being unfamiliar with appropriate skin care regimes and hygiene practices athletes have to risk their careers because of drastic skin ailments.

To be safe MMA athletes must take care of their skin at locker rooms, gym and fighting areas. Skin fungus is very contagious and can be transmitted to another individual. Common skin fungus among athletes include- Tinea Cruris (jock itch), Tinea Corporis (ringworm) and Tinea Pedis (athlete’s foot).

What Causes Skin Fungus is Moistness

Prevention is always best. Removing footwear whenever possible keeps your feet dry and safe. If you tend to sweat a lot you need to change the sweaty clothes instantly. Athletes should always dry their skin properly after washing with natural anti-fungal tea tree oil soap. Moreover, regular cleaning will keep the skin healthy and free from itchy skin fungus. It is highly recommended to consult a dermatologist in serious problem.

To get more information on how MMA athletes can fight skin fungus watch video below.

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