The Ultimate Boxing Training Workout Without A Boxing Bag

Boxing is a cardiovascular workout that you can do your own home, without using any equipment. You may think that you require a gym membership to start boxing, but not really.

There are ways to make your boxing training more interested without using any gym equipment. Here is video by Jan Rebong that tells some amazing facts about it:

It is important to start the workout with warm-up. If you are a beginner, start with light weights. If you are a boxer than your hands needs to move fast. For beginners and pros use this form of boxing to practice their technique and improve balance control.

To get better at your sport, you must practice it.

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10 Psychological Factors That Influence Athletic Performance – Infographic

What influence athlete’s performance? How psychology affects athletes? Knowing answers to all these questions can help to improve the performance.

To know more about factors that influence athletic performance, we have an infographic here by Coaching-Athletic Administration. This will help you to get the insights in factors that affects an athlete’s progress:

Influence Athletic Performance

The mental state of the athlete has a profound effect on his performance. He may lack confidence or remain stressed or lose focus. These factors may affect his frame of mind and can negatively impact how well he does in the competition. To get over this, he must follow a routine that includes physical training exercise for better fitness and hence performance.

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The Most Anticipated UFC Light Heavyweight Title Fight In The Century [Infographic]

UFC light heavyweight fight champions have owned their rank by continuously giving their opponent’s a tough fight. These fighters are so good in their takedown and defending skills that no one can easily defeat them. Their skills and techniques make them to win the title three times or more.

Here is the infographic which includes the top UFC champions who were able to takedown and defend their titles three times or more:

Light Heavyweight Title Fight
UFC was designed to create a reigning UFC championship for the fighters to win the title by defending their belt. UFC fighters can increase flexibility by adding core exercises and make themselves the best champion in the light heavyweight division.

If you want to be a champion than be eager to learn it, push your bodies to the extreme and don’t wait to do it again.

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Boxing Footwork Drills Improve Balance Control Spatial Positioning

Do we know how much balance plays an important role in a fighter’s life. One single mistake makes you lose your faith. So having muscle and strength, strong is not enough for best athlete; you must be able to move and generate force rapidly.

This video by fightTIPS will help you to improve your balance control spatial positioning to win the fight:

Eating the right food will help to enhance athletic performance. Whereas, exercising is beneficial for athletes if it’s not just helping you to burn fat or build muscles. It should increase your balance, strengthen your functional movements, and make you as the best athletes in the world. This all will help to improve athletic performance to win the fight.

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The Complete Guide To Interval Training – [Infographic]

High-intensity interval training is a most popular form of exercise that includes two of the most effective fat-burning methods. Maximum effort require to achieve muscle and oxygen use in a quick burst of exercise.

Here is the complete guide to high-intensity interval training by Greatist:

The Complete Guide To Interval Training

A 20-minute workout of alternating high/low intensity periods burns more calories than a 20 minute of steady intensity. It boosts metabolism significantly longer than a steady workout of even longer length. It will help to build lean muscle tissues faster than steady state training.

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