How To Maintain A Healthy Athlete Lifestyle – Infographic

Lifestyle choices can make or break an athlete. Active and healthy individual will have much more vitality and a much better attitude towards life without having doubt about health issues. Athletes continue to grow, improve, and achieve only with good lifestyle choices.

It’s about being fit in sports. To learn more about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, here is an infographic by Lucas James:
healthy lifestyle
What Factors Impact An Athlete’s Healthy Lifestyle:
  1. Sleep:- Most people need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. If you are an athlete, then you may need more. Getting enough sleep is crucial for athletic performance.
  2. Cardio:- Cardiovascular exercise is one of the key component to an athletes. The best exercises for cardio results that an athletes can do: biking, running, walking and boxing.
  3. Strength Training:- Start slowly to get best results. Athletes need to focus on 1-2 muscles groups per day: legs, arms, shoulders and chest.
  4. Nutrition:- Inadequate nutritional intake is a major problem with athletes. Good nutrition guide can enhance athletic performance.

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Healthy Apps To Help Athletes Stay Healthy In 2016- Infographic

In today’s fast paced world it is a big challenge to find out time for gym. Luckily your smart phone can help you to make smart decisions for your well-being. Whether you are trying to lose weight, walk more steps in a day, or make time for a ten minute workout in your living area, fitness apps will surely help. Health and fitness apps make it easy to track your exercise, eating habits and sleeping schedules.

Now you might be thinking about the top healthy apps..!! Given infographic by MOBIHEALTHNEWS shows some of the top fitness apps in each category.

health and fitness apps

According to recent study, it has been proved that people who use fitness apps are more healthier than non users. These apps are beneficial for athletes of all ages. By using them athletes, parents, coaches and trainers can identify their physical and mental issues that arise during training and can address them. Smartphone apps provide accurate health and fitness tips. It constantly reminds to check progress that helps to stay in the course and to keep willpower strong.

What are you waiting for! Just grab your smartphone and download some free apps to stay fit and healthy in 2016.

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Fitness Facts That Will Make You Rethink Your Lifestyle​- [Infographic]

Exercise, physical activity and sport have long been used to get a fit body, but it is not possible if you don’t use it in combination with fitness facts. Given fitness facts can have a significant impact on an athlete’s life:

  • Good nutrition can enhance athletic performance.
  • Fluid intake is particularly important as dehydration can impair sport person’s performance.
  • Hygiene is a must! Athletes who participate in sports wherever there is direct skin-to-skin contact have a risk of obtaining contagious skin infections.

Refer to the infographic by FitnessHealthZone to know more interesting fitness facts:

contagious skin infections.

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Nutrition Guide For Women In Sports and Exercise – An Infographic

Inadequate nutritional intake is a major problem with female athletes than male athletes. Whether you are a runner, a wrestling player or a daily exerciser, the foundation to improved performance is adequate nutrition.

Need some motivation? Not sure where to start? Go through the easy to read infographic by ARIESAPPAREL to follow a complete nutrition guide for a female athlete.

Nutrition guide for women athletes

Exercise and healthy diet are essential to maintain athlete’s overall health and wellness. It brings peace of mind, increased energy and leads to a successful sport life.If healthy diet is a part of your lifestyle then you will have more good times than bad times in your life. Right nutrition not only strengthen your immune system but also helps to fight contagious skin infections in sports and is beneficial for your lungs, heart and physical outlook.

Remember, only with the right goals, plan of action, and right nutrition, you can move toward a state of improved health!

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30 Incredible Tea Tree Oil Soap Uses – Infographic

Tea tree oil soap is capable of curing a wide variety of medical conditions especially skin-related problems in athletes. Tea tree oil when used in soap makes the best antifungal soap and is perfect for treating fungal skin infections.

Have a quick look at this infogrphic by DefenseSoap to find endless health benefits of using tea tree oil soap:

Tea tree Oil Soap

It’s Hard to Find Anything Better Than Tea Tree Oil Soap:-

Tea tree oil soap is just something every sport person need to use! It’s so versatile. Tea tree oil has been widely used throughout history to treat bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections. It also acts as an antiseptic when applied topically on cuts, burns abrasions, vaginal infections, herpes labialis and boils skin infection.

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