Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Wrestlers

Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil’s antibacterial and antibiotic benefits makes it an exceptional natural remedy for a number of skin conditions. It can be used to ward off all three infectious organisms causing skin infections among wrestlers: bacteria, fungus and virus. Involvement of skin contaminations including ringworm, herpes, impetigo and MRSA is one of the main health concerns among wrestlers.

However, preventing a skin infection is wise than treating one. Wrestlers should clean their skin often with tea tree oil wipes. Most of skin problems can be prevented with applying some drops of Defense Tea Tree Essential Oil a couple times a day until area is 100% clear. Bathing with tea tree oil soap after each practice and match is recommended. For any serious skin concern, wrestler absolutely should get professional advice.

For some guidance on using tea tree oil to your advantage follow this power point presentation on “10 Tea Tree Oil Uses For Athletes”.

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What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is an infection of the feet caused by fungus. The medical term used for athlete’s foot is tinea pedis. It appear when a kind of fungus develop on the skin of your feet. This is most common type of tinea fungal infection that may also infect heels, palms and skin between the fingers.

More About Athlete’s Foot Fungus
The fungus causing athlete’s foot flourish in warm and moist status. Anyone who’s exposed to that fungus gets infected – counting kids and women. Sports persons are more prone to this skin infection as it transfer with direct skin contact during practices with an infected opponent. Sharing sports items such as shoes, stockings or pool surfaces can be an explanation  for having unwanted athlete’s foot. Also, damp locker-room climate is perfect for fungal growth.

Must Know Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot
Symptoms of this fungal skin infection involve rashes on outer skin layer of the foot. Most cases of athlete’s foot results into bothersome redness, itching, flaking and scaling on the soles of the feet or toes. In relentless cases, blisters appears that weep fluid. This can cause a burning pain and susceptible secondary infection. When the infection involves the toenails, it can cause the nails to become discolored and thick. If left untreated, athlete’s foot can infect other parts of the body.

Athlete’s foot often affects more men as compared to women, presumably because men usually wear airtight footwears. Best effective prevention from athlete’s foot is daily use of an natural antifungal bath soap. Athlete’s foot can turn good days into bad days if occurs during important competitions.

Here is an infographic explaining things you should know about athlete’s foot.

What is Athlete's Foot



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Injury Infection Prevention During MMA Training

Mixed martial arts is one of the most troubling sports in terms of getting wounds, cuts and injuries. Here athletes fight to win the battle forcefully, so injuries are undeniable.

Injury prevention during defensive mma training is always one of the major goals of coaches. This goal often conflicts with the requirement to provide high level and dynamic mma training. Highly trained instructors and use of protective gears can’t protect from injuries in mma.

Can a sports injury convert into skin infection?
Yes, wounds and injuries if not treated properly can transform into extreme skin infections. Infection in an injury occur from your own skin bacteria. Areas such as the genital, anal area, skin folds and the spaces between the toes of the body normally have more skin bacteria. Injuries in these parts of skin have a high potential of getting infection. Cleaning  skin properly with an effective natural MMA soap will reduce chances of developing a skin infection.

Following are some recommendations to help prevention of skin infections in wrestlers from sport injuries during MMA training:

1) Shower immediately after practice and competitions.
2) Wash mma costume  that you used during the competition.
3) Clean all of your mma gears (gloves, protective pads etc.) and allow them to dry thoroughly before next use.
4) Avoid sharing towels or any other personal item.
5) Be sure to keep skin cuts, lesions or injuries competently clean and dry.

Now that you understand the risk, let’s get to it! Watch this video for helping you preventing skin infections from sports injuries during your time in gym or arena.

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Can MRSA be Cured With A Natural Soap!

We know that MRSA infection is a common occurrence in MMA sport, especially because fighters are spending a lot of time grappling. This microbe is generally found in the bodies of all individuals without causing any harm. The causative agent commonly enters the body through an open cut or hair follicles. MRSA gets transmitted by skin to skin contact. However, unclean machinery and tools are also known causes of MRSA infection. In some cases, they may find their way into the bloodstream, and cause other infections and health issues in the body.

Wash Your Hands: The most essential method of prevention is proper hygiene, such as hand washing with natural soap. Hand washing is one of the oldest and most reliable methods to prevent MRSA (staph infections).

Here are the proper guidelines to hand washing:

  • Rinse your hands well for 10 to 15 seconds with warm water.
  • Clear all the nooks and corners of your hands, including the area under the fingernails.
  • Use a paper towel to open the door as a safety measure.

Watch this video below to learn the right method of bathing and keeping yourself safe from the infections that can put a combat sportsperson’s career lurking in doubt.

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Tips On Preparing For Local Wrestling Tournaments

Local Wrestling TournamentsWrestling tournaments can be quite overwhelming for some of us, and, therefore, mental toughness is of great significance while preparing oneself for such big tournaments. This article is written to help the wrestlers to develop mental strength, overall confidence and better hygiene to succeed in what is known to be one of the toughest sport – wrestling! Hopefully, you will enjoy and learn from the article.

1. Have Solid Reasons to be Confident
Quite understandably, it is common to see wrestlers going through pre-match anxiety and nervousness despite being totally prepared – mentally and physically. It is very important to fetch yourself with enough reasons to make you feel confident.  Have  positive self-talks with yourself. While having a dialogue with yourself, know that you have trained hard throughout the sessions, listened to the advices of your coach, and are in full shape. This particular knowledge that you have left no stones unturned in preparing for wrestling tournaments, confidence is bound to come.

2. Listen to Music to Feel Calm
It is a vivid observation of many coaches that nearly all NCAA champions listen to music on their iPod or any other small device as it helps them to relax and feel good. You need not listen to any particular type of music. Instead, listen to songs that you like; they will  for sure make you feel good. So, find out some music that calms you or even inspires you and listen to it prior to your local wrestling tournaments.

3. Defend What You Have Built
In other words, take care of your body and skin. Skin infections, unfortunately, are commonly found in the wrestling community solely due to the nature of the sport. A wrestler is prone to mainly three types of fungal infections: Ringworm, Jock’s Itch and Athlete’s Foot. None of these infections should be ignored. Any type of infection can put an end to your wrestling career. Therefore, make sure that you protect yourself from such harmful infections.
Ideally, you should shower prior to and after your wrestling tournaments only with an antifungal soap such as Defense soap.

4. Stay Hydrated
Definitely this will be the last thing on your mind when you are thinking of getting ready for tournaments. This, in particular, is often an overlooked aspect of preparing for matches. When you are in stress, your body will respond to that stress by frequently urinating, which will rob the body of the necessary fluid. In addition, even the warm up sessions will make your body sweat, which too will release fluid from your system. In order to maintain proper hydration levels of your body, it is beyond doubt that you need to drink enough water. Drink at least 12 ounce bottles of water per hour.

5. Don’t Forget to Have Fun
Come what may, you need to enjoy the sport. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is by being overly serious and forgetting to have fun. If you stay too hard pressed on yourself, if you get very boringly focused, then you are likely to start feeling nervous. So, remember to take it easy and have a bit of fun.

Preparing yourself for the wrestling tournaments in the right way will invariably help you to stay in the right shape and mind. With the right tactics, you are bound to be winning your matches and standing on top of the podium as an unbeatable champion. Good luck!

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