Fungal Skin Infection Facts

In scientific terms a fungal skin infection is known as mycosis. However, most types of fungi are innocuous for us; still some of them are able to cause skin disorders when specific environment conditions are available. Fungi normally survive in moist and wet part of the body, e.g. between the toes, in the genital area, and underarms etc. Common fungal skin infections noticed are:

Spores are the infection causing part of a fungus; humans may get them by direct skin contact or even breathe in with air. This is the reason behind fungal infections affecting mainly the lungs, hairs, skin, or nails. In rare cases, fungi can also enter the skin layers to start an infection in whole body.

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One thought on “Fungal Skin Infection Facts

  1. What can be done to the fungal/yeast spores in the air? I think the fungus on my nail became airborne after I applied very concentrated grapefruit seed extract (GSE) on my toenail and left it damp for a few hours. The whole room where I applied the GSE got contaminated with everything in it. When I moved the thoroghly cleaned items (with bleach, Windex and GSE) and chair to another room, the other room got contaminated too!

    Now when I enter that room for an extended period of time like half an hour, my mouth, throat and lung start to burn. My toes/toenails and finfers/fingernails go numb or even painful. Other fungal infected areas on my body start to show synptoms. I think the fungus is spreading to other rooms and I’m horrified!

    Any help or information on how to get rid of them in the air and everthing in the house will be greatly appreciated! I tried Germguardian and didn’t help. I also want to know if the laundry protector can kill yeast and spores in the laundry. I used tons of different stuff in the laundry to hopefully kill yeast spores but none really helped (GSE seems to help a bit but I’d have to break the bank to wash everything in it in high concentration…)! Many thanks!!!

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