Herpes Skin Infection In Contact Sports

Skin infections are common in sports settings, usually in the form of viral infections. Even slight skin infections are infrequently threatening to training and competitions. One example of  sports-related skin infections is herpes, which is a viral skin infection. While wrestling, viruses can easily be transferred to some other wrestlers through skin lesions.

Herpes Can Significantly Affect Wrestling Athletes

Herpes viral infections are extremely contagious (spread by touch particularly in wrestlers). Athletes with close skin-to-skin contact risk gain herpes infection on naked skin. According to a study, wrestlers have 33% higher chance of  receiving this skin infection while sparring with an infected athlete in comparison of normal human beings.

Herpes is transmitted by direct contact with a lesion or the body fluid of an infected individual. Living with herpes virus is very troublesome and embarrassing. In such cases, preventing herpes from spreading to other athletes becomes very important.

This makes hand washing and bathing with soap necessary for everyone. Remember these lines..

Minimize Risk of Infections to Maximize Athletic Success!

Herpes in wrestling sports

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