Here is How Athletes Can Avoid Skin Infections

Varied  type of environment and harsh work routine lead athletes to various skin infections. Athletes should pay attention to skin infections at the very early stage or else, skin infections can put them out of the form or ruin their career. While most of the skin infections are mild and treatable, but some can be very serious and even life threatening if left unattended.

Learn How Athletes Can Avoid Skin Infections and Safely Participate in Sports

  • Impetigo  is an example of bacterial skin infection in which affected area can develop into blisters and even you can experience itchy sensation. Adapt good habits to avoid getting impetigo such as: take shower daily, use antibacterial soap and keep your nails short.
  • Athlete’s foot is another skin infection it may produce a blistering eruption, which is quite itchy. You can avoid it by wearing slippers in the locker room or by using antifungal cream. Heat moisture and friction between the skin and the fixed object is a call for blisters in athletes and use of synthetic socks and application of petroleum jelly are best ways to avoid it.
  • Nail infections, hives, herpes and jock itch are other dreadful skin problems in athletes. Bathing after every competition or practice helps reduce bad skin bacteria and fungi on skin. It’s best if you don’t share your personal items like your bath towel, razor or wash cloths with other athletes.

Below is an info-graphic for athletes on ten practices that has to be performed on daily basis to keep skin troubles at bay:


 Athletes Can Avoid Skin Infections

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