Ringworm a Serious Problem Among Combat Athletes

Ringworm owes its name to the ring like formation that forms on the surface of the skin. The microbe causing this fungal infection feeds on keratin found in the skin, nails and hair. Hence, known as dermatophye and the infection dermatophytosis.

In nature, you will find a group of dermatophytes that cause different types of dermatophytosis. The different types derive their name from the body part they are found on such as Tinea barbae (on the beard), Tinea faciei (on the face), Tines pedis (on the foot) and so on. Other body parts that can receive infection include scalp, body, groin, hands and nails.

Ringworm Among Combat Athletes

Almost every living soul on this planet is susceptible to ringworm. So how do you know if you have ringworm. Look for these symptoms: a rash which is red in color, itches often, sometimes raised and with clear defined edges. The center is often clear and unaffected.

Ringworm how do you get it?

Wondering what causes ringworm! Ringworm requires a favourable environment to grow and develop. If it finds one, it starts flourishing. When you throng places which are a natural home to these like gyms especially the locker rooms, you expose yourself to these contagious microbes. One can also get it from an infected item that comes in contact with the infected person like gym equipments, towels and many more.

Talking about the treatment options, two oils – tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil have been found to possess the ability to help patients to not just prevent but cure ringworm. These oils have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

If it doesn’t get treated in time, there is probably no cure. As a matter of fact, ringworm infection seems to be causing nuisance worldwide and this is on the rise. Prevention, if not taken or timely cure is the best way possible to combat the ringworm infection.


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