Must Know Risks of Shingles Viral Skin Infection

People who have had chicken pox in the past can develop shingles due to virus remaining dormant in the body. Shingles is a painful infection and eyes can become swollen and cause temporary loss of vision.

Athletes who train hard and are on the go 20/7 can reduce the immune system and shingles springs. Shingles infection causes a dry, crusty, itchy rash on an infected area and its symptoms are fever, headache and loss of appetite.

It’s better to look for preventive measures the moment you encounter shingles viral skin infection:

  • Athletes should refrain from any form of exercise or sport that cause the immune system to be suppressed or the rash to get worse.
  • Avoid training above 80% of heart rate for any type of sport.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes.
  • Avoid hot places and cool baths are advisable.

Tea tree oil is known for its natural antiviral properties and can be used as a strong treatment for shingles outbreak. Daily use of tea tree oil soap treat the virus and alleviate its symptoms.

Infographic given below by Sanofi Pasteur share more information on risks of shingles:

Shingles Viral Skin Infection

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