Signs of Staph Infections

Mixed Martial Arts is probably one of the easiest ways to get yourself a Staph Infection. The close contact, cuts, sweat and mats are a recipe for Staph. In order to prevent it, you have to understand it because the fact is at any gym there will be those who get infected with Staph. Staphylococcus aures (Staph) can be mild but sometimes fatal. The Staph bacteria can be found living harmlessly on your skin. The moment your skin is broken, there is a chance that Staph can infect the broken area.

Symptoms and Signs

  • Painful Red Bumps
  • Pus
  • Spreading
  • Boil like look


Serious staph infections where a fatality is rare though possible if not treated. The staph infection can actually move into your blood stream which will potentially infect your lungs, bones, joints, heart and central nervous system. I had a friend that trained with me that was treated for a serious staph infection, where he had to have medicine injected daily for a week.

Yay, Prevention

  • Good hygiene and cleanliness
    • Bathe as soon as you’re done training
    • Wash your hands often
  • Cover your cuts
  • Don’t share equipment or towels
  • Use a rash guard
  • Wash your equipment

So if you see anything funny on you’re skin, get it checked out. Better safe than sorry, right?

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2 thoughts on “Signs of Staph Infections

  1. I’m most certain that I too have this Staph infection. I have it really bad. Such as 3 different mouth sores (inside), on my left knee, and my left elbow. I have finally found a Doctor that don’t think I’m nuts and is treating me. However, I have an American Pitbull (spayed, chipped, and a house dog). My poor Peaches has everyone of the side effects as I do, but she has on one of her legs some type of growth. Every vet (4 different ones); I feel all patronized me and said, “Oh yes she has an allergy too, but it is either to her food or dust.” I myself didn’t put 2 and 2 together to make 4. Is it possible for an animal to get this staph infection also???? Please I don’t know what else to do~!~!! These vets here are more expensive than people Doctors are. Does anybody have a clue??? Is there any help for my poor dog before she passes away??? With all the thanks and hope that I still carry in my heart~!~!!


    Ms. Lori Giles
    and us 3 girl dogs too~!~!!

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