20 Health and Hygiene Facts Athletes Must Keep In Mind Every Day – Slideshow

Everyone knows at least one sport person with seemingly perfect health. Every time you meet that person, you think of, how does he do it? How he manage to be fit besides regular workouts and trainings? Answer is simple by knowing and implementing health and hygiene facts. Skin problems likeĀ athlete’s foot infection is common and contagious skin disease that as a result of poor hygiene practices. Such skin infections causes itching, scaling, flaking and can result into embarrassingly painful days.

Hygiene also plays an important role in preventing disease. Proper hygiene can help reduce the spread of skin pathogen like bacteria, fungus and viruses. Everyday activities that can lead you to a healthy life include:

  • Use right natural skincare products.
  • Regular shower and hand washing.
  • Hydrates – in every way possible.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Sleep well.

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