5 Best Home Remedies You Never Noticed For “Boils” That Will Make You Say, “How Did I Miss That?”: Video

Boils are the bacterial infection that starts in a hair follicle or oil gland. Its main symptoms are skin turns red in the area of the infection, and a tender lump develops. And after few days, the lump starts turning white as pus collects under the skin.

Know why people suffer from boils and how to get rid of it with this video by Freez Frame Films:

Athletes are one of the easiest ways to get affected by this skin infection. It is a common bacterial skin infection where transmission involves person-to-person contact. Injuries, sweating, nd mats are the invitation for infection. If it gets into your body, it forms infection such as boils or pimples.

To prevent boils skin infection, we recommended to pay attention to hygiene and not sharing equipment, towels or other personal items.

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Furuncle vs Carbuncle- How Much You Actually Know About These Skin Infections (Infographic)

Many people consider both furuncle and carbuncle as same. However, they both refer to different things. A furuncle is an acute, round, firm, tender, circumscribed, perifollicular staphylococcal pyoderma that usually ends in central suppuration. Carbuncle is a collection of boils that develop under the skin. When bacteria infect hair follicles, the follicles can swell and turn into boils and carbuncles.

The given infographic by DrAxe on Furuncle vs Carbuncle will help you understand the key differences and similarities between both skin conditions.

 furuncle vs carbuncle

furuncle vs carbuncle

Another similarity between furuncle and carbuncle is both affect athletes. Athletes can avoid skin infections at first place with knowing and spreading the knowledge about these infections. This may facilitate implementation of right treatment and preventive measures to ensure the least disruption in athletic community.

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While Working Out In Gym You Probably Never Thought It Could Get You Bacterial Skin Infections

Nowadays working out in the gym for a person to staying fit and healthy. Undoubtedly fitness centers have many benefits besides it has countless bacterias which can cause you bacterial skin infection.

What type of bacteria gym equipment have! What to Do Before, During, and After a Workout So You Don’t have bacterial skin infection! Here you’ll get all the answers of your questions.

According to researchers gym equipment is 362 times more filthy with bacteria than a toilet seat. Which can cause several types of skin infections like MRSA and impetigo.

To prevent your skin from these bacteria, you need to wash your hands before and after using the equipment. Shower with natural antibacterial gym soap and put on clean clothes immediately after your workout. Besides you have to make sure that don’t share your personal stuff like towel, soap, razor with others.

You can protect yourself from gym bacterial skin infection by knowing do’s and dont’s of gym. Be informed, be safe. Cheers!

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30 Incredible Tea Tree Oil Soap Uses – Infographic

Tea tree oil soap is capable of curing a wide variety of medical conditions especially skin-related problems in athletes. Tea tree oil when used in soap makes the best antifungal soap and is perfect for treating fungal skin infections.

Have a quick look at this infogrphic by DefenseSoap to find endless health benefits of using tea tree oil soap:

Tea tree Oil Soap

It’s Hard to Find Anything Better Than Tea Tree Oil Soap:-

Tea tree oil soap is just something every sport person need to use! It’s so versatile. Tea tree oil has been widely used throughout history to treat bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections. It also acts as an antiseptic when applied topically on cuts, burns abrasions, vaginal infections, herpes labialis and boils skin infection.

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MRSA Infections Shown To Peak During Summer – An Infographic

Summer months bring a heightened risk for bacterial, viral and parasitic infection that leaves athlete grappling with photo-allergies and skin diseases. The summers are the perfect breeding time for a lot of bacteria and virus and unbearable heat brings with it contagious diseases like Staph and MRSA. The humid weather multiplies their growth patterns developing mild infections at first, but can grow to be serious problems later on.

Staph Infection Resources share their recommendations for protection from this increasingly common and potential deadly summer skin infections in the infographic below.

summer skin infectionsMRSA: Common Infections In Summer

  • MRSA, a bacterial infection risk can be increased when an athlete is in certain activities or places that involve crowding, skin-to-skin contact and shared equipment’s.
  • Also, the infection is very common among people with weak immune system.
  • It often develops around open sores like cuts, scrapes, or bites and is resistant to most antibiotics.
  • In the community, most MRSA skin infections may be:
    1. Mistaken for spider bites
    2. Red, swollen, painful, warm to the touch, and have pus or other drainage
    3. Accompanied by a fever

Precautions From MRSA:

  • Washing your hands frequently.
  • Don’t share razors, towels, uniforms, or other items that come into contact with bare skin.
  • Cover and clean shared sports equipment before each use with a disinfectant that works against MRSA.
  • Essential tea tree oil is good preventative for cuts, scrapes and mild skin infections.

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