Technique Of The Week: BJJ Guillotine Choke [Video]

UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews and all time BJJ champion show you some moves that are fitted in all combat fight. Takedown will leave you in the clear of getting locked up in a nasty guillotine choke.

In this video UFC lightweight Jake Matthews demonstrates teaches you the takedown method that avoids the risk of getting choked out in Submission Radio’s “Technique of the week”.

He is also a BJJ brown belt and holds four submission victories over his opponents. In the above video, Jake shows how to minimize the risk of getting stuck in your opponent’s guard. This variation of double leg takedown also leaves a side control, which is not only advantageous in MMA and BJJ, but also creates opportunities for your own offense and control.

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Wanna Learn How To Hit Boxing Counter Punch Like Conor Mcgregor?

Conor McGregor is not fighting in the main event. He’s not even on the main card. But he has been on just about every hardcore MMA fan’s radar. After an electrifying UFC debut, he preceded by a pair of remarkable regional fight titles which resulted in a pair of championship belts in two different divisions. He gained the attention of the MMA world and generated a veritable aura of hype in the process.

In today’s video MMACoach going to show that how you can learn to hit boxing counterpunch just like Conor McGregor:

The underlying principle behind his counterpunching is distance management. Take a look at the four ways he uses in his fight and that makes Conor McGregor MMA champion:

1. Fade and counter.
2. Slip and counter.
3. Skip back, forward and counter.
4. Counter while moving backward.

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UFC 209: Current Champion V/s Five-time Kickboxing World Champion

Woodley, who has won four of his past five fights and is the UFC current champion, faced Thompson, who has won seven straight fights, on the main card in UFC 205. They fought to a majority draw at UFC 205. The pair in the rematch will look for a clear result at UFC 209, on March 4 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Thompson openly campaigned for a rematch, but Woodley didn’t immediately agree to a second meeting, but instead was considering potential match-ups.

UFC Current Champion

Explosiveness, speed, power, wrestling, pressure and technique are known skills of Tyron Woodley. On the other hand Stephen Thompson is famous for his striking and conditioning. Train like a champion and gain competitive skills. This rematch is being considered as the main event at UFC 209. Image by MMAFighting captures the aggressiveness of both the fighters. Let’s see whether Woodley would be able to retain his UFC current champion title after this bout.

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Tips On Preparing For Local Wrestling Tournaments

Local Wrestling TournamentsWrestling tournaments can be quite overwhelming for some of us, and, therefore, mental toughness is of great significance while preparing oneself for such big tournaments. This article is written to help the wrestlers to develop mental strength, overall confidence and better hygiene to succeed in what is known to be one of the toughest sport – wrestling! Hopefully, you will enjoy and learn from the article.

1. Have Solid Reasons to be Confident
Quite understandably, it is common to see wrestlers going through pre-match anxiety and nervousness despite being totally prepared – mentally and physically. It is very important to fetch yourself with enough reasons to make you feel confident.  Have  positive self-talks with yourself. While having a dialogue with yourself, know that you have trained hard throughout the sessions, listened to the advices of your coach, and are in full shape. This particular knowledge that you have left no stones unturned in preparing for wrestling tournaments, confidence is bound to come.

2. Listen to Music to Feel Calm
It is a vivid observation of many coaches that nearly all NCAA champions listen to music on their iPod or any other small device as it helps them to relax and feel good. You need not listen to any particular type of music. Instead, listen to songs that you like; they will  for sure make you feel good. So, find out some music that calms you or even inspires you and listen to it prior to your local wrestling tournaments.

3. Defend What You Have Built
In other words, take care of your body and skin. Skin infections, unfortunately, are commonly found in the wrestling community solely due to the nature of the sport. A wrestler is prone to mainly three types of fungal infections: Ringworm, Jock’s Itch and Athlete’s Foot. None of these infections should be ignored. Any type of infection can put an end to your wrestling career. Therefore, make sure that you protect yourself from such harmful infections.
Ideally, you should shower prior to and after your wrestling tournaments only with an antifungal soap such as Defense soap.

4. Stay Hydrated
Definitely this will be the last thing on your mind when you are thinking of getting ready for tournaments. This, in particular, is often an overlooked aspect of preparing for matches. When you are in stress, your body will respond to that stress by frequently urinating, which will rob the body of the necessary fluid. In addition, even the warm up sessions will make your body sweat, which too will release fluid from your system. In order to maintain proper hydration levels of your body, it is beyond doubt that you need to drink enough water. Drink at least 12 ounce bottles of water per hour.

5. Don’t Forget to Have Fun
Come what may, you need to enjoy the sport. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is by being overly serious and forgetting to have fun. If you stay too hard pressed on yourself, if you get very boringly focused, then you are likely to start feeling nervous. So, remember to take it easy and have a bit of fun.

Preparing yourself for the wrestling tournaments in the right way will invariably help you to stay in the right shape and mind. With the right tactics, you are bound to be winning your matches and standing on top of the podium as an unbeatable champion. Good luck!

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