These 10 Coolest MMA Facts Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind – Video

From past few decades MMA has become massive than ever. There are some not so true MMA myths that continue to be perpetuated about this sport. Even the biggest MMA fan cannot claim to know every truth. Here we are sharing ten of the coolest facts about your favorite game.

Do you know, before becoming an MMA fighter, UFC strawweight Michelle Waterson used to be a Hooters waitress. At UFC 12 Big John McCarthy asked Dan Severn if he had any questions and Severn asked him a strange one. Cody McKenzie won 10 straight fights in a row with a guillotine choke, all of them were in the first round. Know more of them with given video by MMADigest:

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Stuffs You Probably Didn’t Know About Showers – An Infographic

Shower after the workout can offer benefits that include enhanced recovery and immunity, reduced stress and even weight loss. Bathing lowers tension on overstretched muscles. It helps to heal sore muscles by relaxing them and improves flexibility of muscles, specifically when you bathe after exercising. Bathing before going to sleep has been proven to induce sleep.

Enjoy shower of facts on bathing in the infographic mentioned below by DiVapor:

Stuffs About Showers

When it comes to creating a rich lather, natural shower gel tend to maintain cleanliness and good personal hygiene. Washing-away or rinsing-off shower gels works better and easier than soaps. This means taking lesser time in the bath and still appearing more fragrant and refreshed.

If you think the way men and women shower is same, you are probably wrong. Have a look on the comparison:

  • On average, men shower only two minutes less than women.
  • While women use shower time to contemplate chores, problems and weight, men spend their shower time thinking about work and day dreams.
  • Only 28 percent of men “escape” to the shower, 29 percent of women without children and 50 percent of mothers.
  • Women prefer more powerful pressure shower as compared to men.
  • Men have personally carried out shower repairs themselves.

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Facts About Athlete’s Foot: We Bet You Don’t Know Some of Them

Athlete’s foot, a contagious fungal infection that affects the soles and webs of the foot, can even spread to the toenails and hands. As the name specifies, athlete’s foot is commonly seen in athletes.

How Athlete’s Get Infected: Causes and Symptoms
Athlete’s foot  get infected by coming in direct contact with an infected person or by touching contaminated locker rooms and swimming pools. They may experience: itching, burning between toes and soles and blisters.

Now the facts you may be unaware of:

  • The fungus that causes athlete’s foot is the same which is responsible for Jock Itch.
  • Athlete’s foot can spread to other parts of the body if you scratch the itch.
  • The chances of re-appearance are very high in the case of this fungal infection.
  • Synthetic fibers can aggravate the condition manifold.

Athlete’s Foot Prevention:
Here are some preventive measures to avoid athlete’s foot :

  • Wash infected area with best antifungal soap before and after any sport or game.
  • Put antifungal powder in between your toes.
  • Air your feet when they get sweaty.

Have a look at the info graphic below and learn some unknown facts about athlete’s foot.

athletes foot facts

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Wrestling – The World’s Oldest Competitive Sport

History of Professional Wrestling

The earliest reference of wrestling comes from cave drawings of wrestlers dating as far back as 3000 BC.

Traces of wrestling have also been found in Sumerian times, some 5000 years back.  Archaeological findings show wrestling to be prominent during Egyptian times. A drawing from tomb of Beni-Hassan shows 400 wrestlers.  Apart from this drawings showing the existence of corporations of wrestler, wrestling rules and refereeing codes have also been found.

Greeks however developed wrestling as a science and art.  It was considered to be an important training for young men. They wrestled naked, smeared in olive oil and sand to protect skin from heat and cold. The oil was then removed with a instrument known as strigil and washed with clean water.  Freestyle wrestling was mostly prevalent in Greece during that time.  The competitor who threw the opponent on back, hips, chest, knees or elbows was declared winner.

Wrestling gained further popularity in 708 B.C, during the ancient Olympic Games. It became an important and decisive discipline of the Pentathlon after discus, javelin, long jump and foot race. Milon of Croton, student of the philosopher Pythagoras was the most famous wrestlers of that time.

A dark phase for wrestling came during the reign of Emperor Theodosius I in 393. He banned all pagan games and outlawed Olympic Games.

But wrestling was restored back to its glory in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, practiced in the socially elite circles of castles and palaces

Renowned artists like Caravaggio, Poussin, Rembrandt, Courbet, Rabelais, Rousseau, Montaigne, Locke, etc. encouraged wrestling.

In fact a colored wrestling manual was printed in 1512 by German artist Albrecht Dürer.

Professional wrestling in its truest sense started in 1830 from France. Wrestlers who did not have access to elite circles, but had talent, formed troupes and traveled across France. A little glamor to professional wrestling was added during this time with open challenges thrown by wrestles to fight them and introducing fancy names like “Edward, the steel eater”, “Bonnet, the ox of the low Alps” etc.

In 1848 a French showman Jean Exbroyat created first circus troupe of wrestlers. It gave some organization to this sport. After his death, the troupe was overseen by Mr. Rossignol-Rollin. His strong marketing acumen spread the influence of wrestling far and wide.  It got spread to Austrian Hungarian Empire, to Italy, to Denmark and to Russia. The confluence of different cultures impacted wrestling giving it a new outlook and came to be known as Greco-Roman wrestling.

Thereafter professional wrestling was organized in entire Europe in 1898 Paul Pons, a Frenchman became the first Professional World Champion of wrestling.

By the end of 19th century, professional wrestling became a sport of in vogue in Europe Gradually with time International Federation for wrestling was created and impetus was given to these sports in every

In present scenario wrestling has many forms and is practiced by both men and women. Today competitive wrestlers are at risk of contracting and spreading bacterial skin infections every time they step on the mat. Read our hygiene guide for wrestlers for more information.

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