UFC 207: Watch Shocking First Round Knockout Of Female MMA Fighter (Video)

Female MMA fighters are making their mark in a male dominated sport! The much awaited UFC 207 women’s bantamweight Championship ended in mere 48 seconds and 27 punches. Technical Knockout was the reason behind Rousey’s elimination. Watch Nunes defeat Ronda in UFC 207 in this video by Patriots_Fan.

Although Ronda Rousey lost UFC 207 by TKO, she still is the greatest female MMA fighter of all time. A fight can be stopped by a technical knockout (TKO) when a boxer is considered to be unable to defend himself or sustained a serious injury, by the referee (and sometimes by the ringside physician) or when a boxer or his seconds decide he should not continue.

A knockout punch can end all contests decisively without dispute. The knockout punch has three elements– Power, Accuracy, and Surprise. If you are able to combine all the elements in one punch knockout, You can immediately take control over the situation.

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Top 10 Hottest MMA Female Athletes-Video

MMA is not a game of men anymore!

Nowadays, females in MMA is the most hottest topic. They are stealing the show on many UFC cards with amazing fights. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a home to hundreds of the world’s most in-shape athletes. No one can deny the fact that being undeniably attractive also helps bring viewers to this sport.

Below is a video by Top10 presenting ten hottest female MMA athletes. A combination of toughness and easiness, these women have been inspiration with their performance and good looks.

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All About Female MMA That You Need To Know- Slideshow

May is the month of “Mother’s Day”, so how can we not talk about women! Defense soap presents an interesting slideshow (mentioned above) about everything on female mma. It is not just mma, other sports have also seen a boom in the number of women heading to gyms and competing.

Mixed martial arts isn’t traditionally considered a female’s sport, but top female fighters such as Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano and Megumi Fujii has changed the scenario. Old mma rules have often been adjusted for female competitions in the past to prevent injuries during MMA training and other safety concerns. Young girls watching female athletes doing so well in martial arts have been inspired to take up wrestling, bjj, boxing and mma as a potential career option.

No one can denied the fact that, these mma female fighter are way more than just pretty faces. They are true women power.

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