Three Basic Wrestling Moves You Must Know To Win Any Fight In Wrestling – Infographic

Wrestling as a sport is very popular worldwide and has many fans that follow it regularly. However, basic wrestling moves stars do in the ring, take years of practice to do safely. In order to become a good wrestler, you need to practice a few basic wrestling moves. These are vital for all beginners, in order to avoid injuries while wrestling and making an impact inside the ring.

Basic wrestling moves

The above infographic by GraphicNews is showing three ways to win wrestling like win two of three rounds, force opponent’s shoulder to ground and technical superiority-lead of six points or more.

In order to build your moves in wrestling, you will need to understand all of the available starting positions. This article will be a multi-part post that will attempt to describe the most common starting wrestling positions during a wrestling match.

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Wanna Learn How To Hit Boxing Counter Punch Like Conor Mcgregor?

Conor McGregor is not fighting in the main event. He’s not even on the main card. But he has been on just about every hardcore MMA fan’s radar. After an electrifying UFC debut, he preceded by a pair of remarkable regional fight titles which resulted in a pair of championship belts in two different divisions. He gained the attention of the MMA world and generated a veritable aura of hype in the process.

In today’s video MMACoach going to show that how you can learn to hit boxing counterpunch just like Conor McGregor:

The underlying principle behind his counterpunching is distance management. Take a look at the four ways he uses in his fight and that makes Conor McGregor MMA champion:

1. Fade and counter.
2. Slip and counter.
3. Skip back, forward and counter.
4. Counter while moving backward.

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Make Sure You Don’t Make These 5 Double Leg Takedown Move Mistakes: Video

Double leg takedown is probably the most utilized and high percentage takedown in MMA. Not just MMA, but also in many others like freestyle wrestling, BJJ, grappling etc. It is vital for an MMA fighter to know it well, but unfortunately, many fighters make mistakes when executing it which is demonstrated in this video by MMA Coach.

The double leg takedown offsets your opponents balance so that you can lift or slam them onto the ground. It is completed by lowering your level, stepping towards your opponent, grabbing them tightly around both legs, while keeping your chest and head up, and driving them up and over onto their back. Bad posture, shooting in from too far, planting the lead knee, searching for the legs with arms, not committing to the takedown or not running through your opponent are some of the common mistakes fighters make while executing a double leg takedown. So when starting your
first MMA training
make sure you don’t make these mistakes in this move!

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20 Lessons to Learn From The Great MUHAMMAD ALI! – Slide

Muhammad Ali is the greatest heavyweight championship boxer of all time. He was the first boxer to win the heavyweight championship three times. He dedicated his whole life to boxing.

In this slide DefenseSoap sharing 20 success lessons by Muhammad Ali that will help you in your life:

In his career, he won 56 fights and lost only 5 fights. He was someone who learnt from his failures. And he has some very famous quotes as well, one of them is:

“We Have One Life; It Soon Will Be Past; What We Do For God Is All That Will Last.”

He worked hard to reach the number #1 position is boxing. He is still inspiring millions of combat sports athletes in this world.

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